Spain: HARP Workshop 2016


By FFWPU Spain

This summer we had the third Spanish Harp Workshop of the year from June 28 to July 7, 2016. The theme for the workshop was “Life is an Orchestra, Lead it”. This was for the participants to know that they are the orchestra director, and so they cannot let someone else lead their life, so they should learn how to lead life properly, and basically how to live life centering on principles.

We had 17 participants. During this workshop we had time to study the divine principle, from scratch as HDH, focusing a lot on the quality of the reading than reading too much without understanding. Also we had lecture practice and feedback. Participants also had different kinds of Challenges, such as physical challenge by going to the mountain, or social challenge, when they needed to go to people and ask deep questions, or trying to make people happy with a bit of money.

They receive internal guidance, about purity, friendship, communication, in how to be generous and how to treat people better. Almost every day they had time with their teams to create something and cooperating to work better together. We had also an activity to know each other a bit more.

At the end, it was great to see the changes in participants which took place during the give and take in workshop.

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