Romania: STF Farewell Ceremony

Welcoming Korean Second Generation


BY FFWPU Romania

We concluded our JeonDo activities of 1st semester before the summer activities with special Sunday service. In this semester we had three 40-Day condition period for witnessing. And we offered our sincere devotion for Heavenly Parent and True Parents through focusing for this with uniting spirit of STF 2nd generations and Romanian young 1st generations.

This Special Sunday Service had 3 purposes. First, to offer our gratitude for STF team. Second, welcoming back our Romania SES brothers and sisters from 3 month MMBK experience in Korea. And also welcoming Korean 2nd generations for our summer activities and make ‘Brotherhood, Sisterhood’ ceremony with Romanian new CARP members who will participate in summer activities.

Program started with joyful cheerful song. And fallowing the schedule with offering stand bow, family pledge, prayer and speech president of FFWPU Romania, Mr. Jeong. He spoke about importance of the relationship with Heavenly Parent. Because Heavenly Parent and our relationship is Parent-Child, His will have to be our Will.

Afterwards we invited all the STF brothers, sisters in front in order to offer our heart of gratitude through presents. And some of the brothers and sisters offer the testimony about ‘JeonDo (witnessing) in Romania’. We could understand for all of them were meaningful and valuable experience with Heavenly Parent through witnessing.

Waited program was ‘Welcome Back Romania SES brothers and sisters!’ Since the end of March our brothers and sisters who are in the SES program went to Korea as final experience of Heavenly Parent and True Parents heart and 4 brothers and sisters came back victoriously. We listen their testimonies and we couldn’t stop tears. Because we all could feel how much hardship they came through in order to understand deeply Heavenly Parent heart. They will be the team leader in this summer activities so they can experience next level of heart. We all could feel they are the hope of Romania who realized Heavenly Parent’s Will and who wants to live centered of Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

In the end we welcomed Korean 2nd generation brothers and sisters who came to participate in Romania SES leadership tour 2016! This year we received 8 Korean brothers and sisters who has such a joyful positive spirit. And we organized ‘Brothers hood, Sisters hood’ ceremony with Romanian new CARP members who will participate also this summer activities. Mr. Jeong called name of one Korean brother or sister and one Romanian brother or sister, while they came to in front, greeting and offering gifts they prepared for this occasion.

All the participants were so happy to receive new brothers and sisters. They will experience every program together and they will be the real brothers and sisters through this summer program.

We are all happy to offer this time for Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Specially we could offer our result of this semester for Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Of course we never feel enough to make a better condition for the next semester in order to offer bigger joy and hope for Heavenly Parent and True Parents.