Pure Love Project Co-hosted by Thai Government Officials Launched on Provincial Level

By FFWPU Thailand, Kamol Thananopavarn

The Ministry of Education in Thailand held an Inauguration Ceremony for the Pure Love Project on provincial level, co-host with UPF Thailand and FFWPU Thailand at Auditorium of Rajamangala University of Technology Surin, on July 16, 2016. We had around 1,500 participants which included 300 teachers and government officers and 1,200 students from high school and universities from all districts of Suri.

We had a Divine Principle lecture on Pure Love and Ideal Family which followed by the Pure Love Pledge. All the participants, especially the students and young people, were moved and inspired by the vision of Pure Love and Ideal Family of True Parents. All teachers and government officials were happy and so positive to support Pure Love Project to launch in their schools. We will have Divine Principle workshop for teachers and school administration. Then, it will follow by 2 Day Pure Love Camp in the school. The prepared students will be witnessed to join 4-day Divine Principle Workshop to raise them to become CARP members and Pure Love leaders in their schools and universities and to expand Pure Love, YFWP and CARP to everywhere in Thailand and to raise up many 100,000 of membership within few years.

Since April 2016, after UPF and YFWP Thailand committee met with representative of Gen.Dawpong Rattanasuban, Minister of Education at Ministry of Education; Gen. Dawpong had sent out official letters to all Government Officers in 12 major provinces of Thailand that Ministry Education is accepted to be co-host with UPF and YFWP Thailand to organize Pure Love activities because Ministry of Education recognizes that Pure Love project and the work of UPF and YFWP create the great benefit to students in schools and universities under Ministry of Education.

The great success of this event is the group of retired school directors and teachers who are PMC blessed families in Heavenly Tribal Messih movement of Surin province taking ownership to witness to the current director of education and ministry education officers in Surin province to form organizing committee with HTM staff in Surin.

The welcoming remark is given by nationwide aiming to raise up 10,000 Pure Love members in 2016. We had meetings with the Surin departments of education and school directors in order to implement the project in Surin province, which is the first province in the country in 2016.

Welcoming remarks are given Asso.Prof.Dr. Anurat Lisakul, Vice President of Rajamangala University of Technology Surin, Mrs.Duangkamol Chantrapruek, Represent of Public Health Department of Surin and Mrs.Kamoltip Phayakvichien, Vice President of UPF Thailand. Reporting remark is given by Mr.Wuttikrai Sompen, Vice director of education of Surin, then the opening remark is given by Mr.Vinai Trongjitpitak, Vice Governor of Surin. Dr.Lek Thaveetermsakul gave special remark in topic “Vision of Youth for the Revival of Family Value in Thai Society”. Then, Mr.Jakrin Iamsam-ang, Director of Pure Love – Thailand, gave Divine Principle lecture in topic “Value of Love, Life and Family Institution”. This program of inauguration successfully inspired the heart of young people with excitement and vision of True Love and Ideal Family.

After the seminar was successfully held, VIP and teachers held meetings to plan about Pure Love projects in Surin. They will hold series of 1-day seminar and 2-day Pure Love workshop for students in Surin.