Portugal: Harp Summer Camp 2016

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By FFWPU Portugal, Sérgio Neto & Carla Vieira


This year the HARP senior and junior met for six days (from July 5th to July 10, 2016) for a new determination, recharge and enjoy the family that True Parents have tendered. We had 25 participants and other 4 young people from CARP who came to support the event.

Our theme for this year was “I grow like a tree” and it was divided into small issues which we worked on each day, representing the tree they will be as they grow.

Grow like a tree with strong and deep roots that do not shake in adversity nor the storms, heavy trunks that nothing can bend and able to sustain anything trunks that will be dedicated to give shade and shelter and living for the sake of others and finally become flowers and fruits that represent the ideal of True Parents and create bonds of friendship for the future.

The entire program was due to the investment of all and joy, with games, swimming pool and amusements that brought more unity between the groups and between the various staff members.

Several older members, who are from CARP were present, helping to bring an even more heavenly environment.

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