Peace Road 2016 in Congo Brazzaville

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By FFWPU Congo, Achille MOUANDA

FFWPU and UPF Congo Brazzaville togtehr with other providential organizations held the Peace Road 2016 event under the theme “Connecting the Congo through the peace” on June 12, 2016 . This event took place in Pointe-Noire in the presence of high level officials of the city, Mr. Alexandre Honoré Paka, one of our Ambassador of Peace. There were also representatives of companies such as Total E & P (French oil company of Congo Brewery, Global Development, Global Tone and Business Partner.

We had around around 300 participants which included members of the UPF, FFWPU, SWOT, FJPM, CARP, TIMD and other guests. In his address, the Chairman of Pointe-Noire, Mr. Victor Matondo, said that we all have a deep longing for peace; However, we all struggle to realize and achieve peace through our behavior and everyday life.

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He continued saying that “… Reverend Dr. Sun Myung Moon created the UPF in New York on September 12, 2005 to help policymakers and officials around the world to control their lives and thought patterns to go more towards a world peace by following and practicing the five Universal Principles “that he developed much later. He invited the crowd to practice these five principles for a new Congo can be emerge.

He also stressed that the road to peace organized by the Federation for Universal Peace is a way to remind everyone, as it is and regardless of political or religious affiliation, the national and universal peace depend on each from US. Becoming aware is a major breakthrough.

Representative of FFWPU, Rev. Norbert NDIELLE MOUTSATSI who thanked all participants present at this great event, observed a minute of silence for those who died in our country and around the world for their religious, political, cultural or racial. He reminded that in 2015, dated July 26, the first Road of Peace 2015, took place in the same place. More than a simple repetition, it is rather an inquiry to every one of us here present that peace sought throughout the ages, is above all the effort everyone; We must be aware, responsible and activist for peace begins in the individual runs in the family, nation and world.

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This time our peace road event took place in two stages: First there was the walking and cycling. Cyclists in a closed circuit of 42km (START Prefecture – Autonomous Port of Pointe-Noire Entrance – Boulevard Ma Loango – Radio Pointe-Noire – Elais Hotel – SNE Directorate – Roundabout Davum – Tractafric -Arrival prefecture) conducted 7 rounds to fulfill their mission. A tower estimated at 6 km.

The Prefect of Pointe-Noire Mr. Honoré Paka, who gave the kickoff of cycling was very amazed and asked the FPU to be prepared to make even the road of peace on the occasion of the National Day of August 15 next in the Department Bouenza. Monsignor Emmanuel DIKA, Peace Ambassador has already made a seminar of 40 days Cheonpyeong to take this opportunity to ask the Peace Ambassadors present to do their best to make this event a national issues. Representative Mr TCHITIMBO Total to take the opportunity to file his dossier with the UPF to be nominate Ambassador for Peace for the next appointment sessions.

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