Peace Road 2016 in Central Africa Republic

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by UPF Central Africa Republic


Our event this year was held in Bangui, the same location as last year on July 23, 2016, with the theme of: “Reconciliation and Social cohesion”, because we couldn’t get another area due to access difficulties. About 70 people participated in the event; most of them were members of FFWPU and UPF Central Africa.

Two VIPs were present, Mr. Diego SINGA, Special Project Manager, representing the Minister of Youth Promotion, and Mr. Maxime Bondjo, Deputy of the Nation, Peace Ambassador.

The opening ceremony began with a prayer of Pastor Jean Paul GEREKOMBWANGA then all participants have sung the National Anthem followed by the National anthem of CheonIL Guk.

After having sung the two hymns, the MC asked the audience to stand up and offer a minute of silence in memory of people who passed away during the recent conflicts.

The Central African Republic has gone through three years of political and military and community conflicts. After the presidential and parliamentary elections, the country initiated have set a constitutional order since 2016 by electing a new President.

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Rev. Mathias Noel SALOGBA, General Secretary of UPF Central Africa Republic gave an explanation about peace road.

Mr. Diego SINGA, said in his words of encouragement during his remarks at the event: The event you are organizing today matches exactly with the seeking of peace that the country is looking for in order to make a steady peace which will assure the development of our country.

The Minister instructed me to convey to you that he would be completely available to undertake with you all opportunities and sustain these actions in the government. Why don’t we set up a working partnership together? So, his office will stay opened, and available to welcome you anytime.

I would like to congratulate Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon’s initiative by launching the megaproject for the construction of the highway for peace on 1981. So now it has become reality because since May 30, 2016, through the three ends of the earth,there is a Cape of Good Hope I would like to notify in South Africa where the Road of Peace was also launched, in Chile, in Santiago and Wellington and the outcome will be in Korea.

So you see, there are three months of events based on the searching of peace and therefore ask the world why there is a highway of the Internet but not the highway of peace …

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After the signature of the Banner of PeaceRoad by these VIPs, the Peace Road 2016, second edition, was launched at the stadium of 20,000 places in Bangui by the Representative of the Minister for Youth Promotion.

The peace road departure started from the stadium to the United Nations crossroad for a distance of 3 km through the roundabout of Martyrs and the avenue of France.

Once getting to the final destination, we all sang Cheon IlGukanthem and the participants applauded for the end of the event.

Cyclists were not satisfied because of the distance (3 km), they then did some miles in the city themselves to highlight the value and the importance of the event .

This march was covered by the national radio, TV center, a local private Radio and a group of Newspapers.

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