Nepal: Matching Candidate Workshop

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By FFWPU Nepal


Blessed family department Nepal conducted a 1-day workshop for matching candidate from various district of Nepal on July 9, 2016 entitled “The Meaning and the Value of the Blessing” at FFWPU-Nepal headquarters.

We had 52 participants coming from Kathmandu and outside the city of Kathmandu. They were all inspired by the lectures given by president of FFWPU-Nepal, Rev. Santos Kumar Paudel and other presentations given by the BFD-Nepal liaison officer.

A reflection from the participants: … before participating this workshop I had so many confusion and worries about matching and blessing. But during this workshop, I got the best solutions and guidelines about that. I understood that to become the family of True Parents, it is very important to receive the blessing of marriage with right attitude.

On her lecture, Mrs. Theresia Kittel of the Blessed Family Department of Nepal, emphasized the importance of internal condition before participating at the matching and blessing.

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