Launching Ceremony for CARP Nigeria

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By CARP Nigeria


The launching ceremony CARP center for the University of Abuja was held at the Faculty of Arts Lecture Theatre at the main campus on July 22, 2016, 116 persons were in attendance. Special Youth Envoy Mr. Bok Jin Lee coordinated the event. This was after CARP had been officially registered in that university on July 11, 2016.

In the opening address, Rev. George M. Ogurie, President of FFWPU Nigeria explained that among many existing youth and student organizations that groom youth for good citizenship and leadership, CARP is special for its interreligious appeal. This is because CARP education is based on universal principles. CARP members are trained to possess great moral and spiritual capacity to survive under any circumstance like the fish, carp, which can survive in the murkiest waters where other fish fail to survive. He expressed the hope that though there had been other chapters of CARP in the country in the past, with the new momentum of activities in the University of Abuja, CARP will spread to many other universities in the country in no distant future.

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CARP Advisor of University of Abuja, Professor Sheriff Ibrahim of the Dept. of Political Science, in a welcoming remark traced the history of initiatives for world peace from the end of the first world war with the League of Nations to the end of the Second World War with the United Nations and through the Cold War era. He particularly noted that the Korean peninsula has, since the cold war era, been a major flash point of conflict and tension. He, therefore, stated that any peace organization such as CARP emanating from Korea must be taken very seriously because the Korean people understand very well the implication of conflicts. While welcoming CARP to the University of Abuja he called on everyone to identify with and support CARP to succeed in realizing its objectives.

Certificates of appointment were presented to 7 student members of the executive committee of the newly registered chapter.

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An introduction to Divine Principle was presented as a keynote speech by Rev Shang Seon Park, Special Envoy to Nigeria. Rev. Park emphasized that we are in an era whereby we must mature in our relationship with God. He explained that just as we acquire a greater appreciation of the depth of our parents love when we ourselves have grown up and have our own children, our love for God must be as mature adults. With that kind depth of appreciation of God’s love we commit ourselves to the realization of the kind of world God would be pleased to see – a world of peace. This is the kind of person CARP is training us to become, he said.

It was not all just talk. Other highlights of the event included a video presentation on CARP activities and cutting of the launching cake. There was musical entertainment by a popular campus rap duo to the delight of everyone.

A vote of thanks was given by Universal Peace Federation Nigeria Secretary General, Dr. Raphael Oko, who duly recognized everyone’s effort toward the success of the event and called on guests to do their utmost to study the teachings of CARP.

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At the end, 48 students filled out registration form for membership. The event ended at about 1:00 p.m. with group photographs.

For their impression, the executive committee members were happy and proud of themselves for the honor given them to serve. They determined to open a new level of CARP activity in the University of Abuja. The guests were inspired by the Divine principle introduction. CARP National President Aime Kouakou said they hope to receive many more guests for divine principle workshops at the CARP center henceforth.

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