Kenya: Divine Principle Lectures and Blessing of Marriage Events


By FFWPU Kenya, Mrs. Susan Kone


July 4

We held a 1-Day Divine Principle seminar at the Kenya Christian Brotherhood Church in Kayole, Nairobi on the 4th July 2016. The Theme was: Strengthening the Families, Rebuilding the Nation and creating a world of Peace.

The attendants were Pastors and their church officials and was hosted by the Founder of Kenya Christian Church Senior Pastor Reuben Ndintya who also attended with his wife. Other pastors were from PEFA Good Tidings Church, Christian Restoration Ministries, Jesus Testimony Church, Revelation Gospel Center and Maximum Miracle Center.

After the Lectures given by Rev. Mujanayi Kasuyi and Mrs. Susan Kone the pastors were so touched by the message and they asked us to arrange for their members to hear the message in their own churches.

The Host Senior Pastor was so inspired by the Lectures and he made a decision to received the blessing with his wife and they were very happy as a couple to received the blessing from Heavenly Parents and True Parents and to have a new beginning with new commitment in their Marriage

Other Pastors decided that they would like to receive blessing in their own churches when we hold workshops for them and their members.

The happy event ended with all the Senior Pastors of various churches receiving a copy of our True Father`s Autobiography and the coordinators of the programs in that area received a T-shirt and cap of FFWP.

In total there were 30 pastors and their staff members and also 15 members of the church`s Youth Group came to present the entertainment in the afternoon. It was a moving experience as the pastors gave their testimonies and expressed gratitude for this revelation given through our True Parents by our Heavenly Parent to save all humankind.

July 7

This time the event was held at the District Commissioners Camp in Kayole and was attended by leaders of various Community based Organizations who are based in the Kayole. The Theme was: Strengthening the Families, Rebuilding the Nation and creating a world of Peace. Some of them had attended the Divine Principle Lectures before but they had not learned about the blessing.

After the Lectures about the blessing they were touched by the message and they all decided to receive the blessing. During the reflection time, they all expressed gratitude for this opportunity of their lifetime to change their blood lineage and to renew their vows for the happiness of their marriage.

This was followed by a celebration and Testimonies of what the blessing meant to them. They requested for more lectures and guidance to strengthen their marriage and to contribute towards Peace in their community.

7 couples received the blessing 3 of them having been blessed together with their spouses and 4 received with their spouses` photos.

July 8

The workshop was held at the Patjamo Community Center for the Strength of a Woman (CBO) Community Based Organization members with 12 participants. These are women who are working in various fields and have joined together to empower themselves through initiating self-help projects, they have also formed a choir.

They are all married and have their own families and they had requested for a seminar to strengthen their marriages and also contribute towards peace building programs in their community. The Theme was: Strengthening the Families, Rebuilding the Nation and creating a world of Peace.

They were inspired by the Lectures and especially about the blessing and requested for another seminar where they can also invite their husbands and receive the Holy Marriage blessing with them.

After the workshop they looked happier and hopeful and they felt lots of hope for their families, the way forward is to hold another program where their husbands can also attend and they receive the blessing together at later date.