Italy: Ethics and Values ​​in Sport and Trophy of Peace 2016


A2-locandina convegnoBy UPF Italy


In the city of Monza, between May 28 and June 26 UPF Italy, in collaboration with UISP (Italian Union Sport for All) and the Municipality of Monza, has organized a series of events dedicated to the culture of peace building through sport. The meeting was opened on May 28 with the conference on “Ethics and values in sport”; subsequently it took place the 2016 edition of the ” Trophy of Peace”, interethnic football tournament, whose final day was held on Sunday, June 26 at Sada stadium in Monza

Fully realized the purposes of the conference, which were to highlight the importance of ethics, social utility and the educational and training value of sport for young people; the conference was attended by several speakers from the world of sport and three MPS. Many testimonies of “best practices” have been offered.

Silvano Appiani introduced the conference, he is Managing Director at the City of Monza Sport followed by institutional greetings of the European MP Hon. Lara Comi, and by two other deputies: Hon. Roberto Rampi and Laura Coccia who hit listeners with their testimony.

Particularly interesting is the report of Fulvio Fiorin, a former professional soccer player and coach of AC Milan youth, focused on “training and performance: winning through values”, then followed by the presentation of the work that UPF of Monza celebrates the theme, carried on for over ten years, the Peace Trophy, with interethnic tournaments men’s soccer and women’s volleyball.

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The 2016 edition of the Trophy of Peace was attended by 150 young people of several different nationalities, cultures and religions, making really concrete the idea of integration, thanks to the sport, just as stated by the founders of the International UPF Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his wife Hak Ja Han

“The Trophy of Peace”, as stated by Charles Cleric, President of the Universal Peace Federation UPF of Monza which has promoted the events, “arrived this year to its eleventh edition, and its growing success shows that it is possible to combine the game football with values such as friendship and integration between people of different nationalities and cultures, living in the same territory”. In the interethnic tournament there has been the cooperation of the Monza Committee UISP and the Municipality of Monza, with the support of the Company Sportiva Juvenilia and with the participation of many other municipalities and the Province Monza Brianza

As for the games, the UPF Team Sport for Peace , formed by young Italian from various areas of the territory, won the Trophy of Peace in 2016, in front of the CMR 50 , formed by children of many nationalities led by the coach Antonio D’Ovidio and followed with such dedication by the sisters (nuns) of Mother Rita Center, a true charity organization in Monza; in third place were ranked the youth of Real Monza 2016, a mixed team made up of African and South American children who attend the CPIA, the Provincial Adult Education Centre of Monza; down in the ranking of the formation Mutar, composed of young refugees hosted by the Association Mutar.

The success of the events has been completed by the great impact on the mass media, with many articles in newspapers, magazines and online news, as well as various shots of the local TV stations, including the video on the final day of the Peace Trophy, created by Brianza Channel TV and visible on YouTube. (Above video)


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