International Volunteers at Farm Leda

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By FFWPU Paraguay


True Parents shared many times that cooperation between South and North America offers the pathway to the long sought unification of North and South America.  In Paraguay a team of 26 international participants from 12 nations served as a catalyst to support this cooperation, promote environmental awareness and connect to the Leda Settlement an area which was established as the Original Holy Ground.

The event that brought those from the North and South as well as the East and West together was the Pathways to a Sustainable Future Project held on July 3 -19 in the nation of Paraguay located in the heart of South American.

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The international team spent most of 16 days in the Charcoal region on the edge of the Panama and offered services that included planting Been trees ……

Also we were greeted received by the Vice President of Paraguay, Juan Afara in his office who hear the experiences of volunteers and encouraged them young people to return to their countries to be the best in their studies and then return to work for the dream of True Parents.

They were 17 days of intense experiences where we experience the heart and love of True Parents for this region and this country.

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While much of the world is struggling to maintain their borders and cultural identities, a team of 26 international participants from twelve nations served as a catalyst for cooperation, environmental awareness and greater cultural sharing on the 2nd Pathways to a Sustainable Future Project held on July 3-19th in the nation of Paraguay.

The international team of young adults native to the US, Canada, Paraguay, Denmark, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Columbia, and Honduras spent most of 16 days in the Chaco and Pantantal region of South America offering services that included planting Neem trees, painting schools, harvesting taro and sharing cultural insights with the largely indigenous population who reside in this sparsely populated region.

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Pathways to a Sustainable Future Programs are co-sponsored by the Universal Peace Federation a non-governmental organization with Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. These annual programs are designed to show and engage those interested in seeing and contributing to examples of good practices that are aimed at improving the environment. The undeveloped Chaco region is the home of one of the world’s richest diversity of birds, mammals and fish and how it is developed in the future will have a great global impact. The volunteers visited two communities: The Mennonite Colony of Loma Plata and the Unification Settlement of Puerto Leda where they learned of breakthroughs made in creating clean water, agricultural advances and new methods in aquaculture.

The Leda Settlement that began in 1999 has striven to become a model for international cooperation through its efforts in hunger eradication, and through the promotion of eco-tourism and sustainable development. The settlement, which continues to grow out of the inspiration of the late Dr. Sun Myung Moon, promotes a healthy way of life – physically, emotionally and spiritually. The pioneers of this community have worked creatively in developing both traditional and modern approaches to aquaculture, agriculture and environmentally friendly tree plantations. In living according to its philosophy of “service to others”, the Leda Settlement models a community of hope for a peaceful world.

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