Germany: 7-Day Divine Principle Seminar

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By FFWPU Germany, Ulli Ganz

We had a 7_day Divine principle seminar from July 3rd to July 10, 2016. After all the participants had arrived, we met for an introductory session in the room which will eventually be the ‘sitting room with a fireplace’ in the Neumühle. Each person explained a little about him/herself and his religious background- Islam, Buddhismus and different expressions of Christianity were represented.

The following day started with lectures explaining how the nature of God can be understood by observing nature, and Claus Dubisz included very beautiful and illustrative photos of nature in his presentation. That afternoon, we dealt with how character and spirit can develop in an environment of loving relationships. Ulrich Ganz, the lecturer, demonstrated that it is spiritual growth which gives purpose to our life’s efforts and endeavors.

A wonderful spirit of community was firmly established after an afternoon’s walk and games in the evening.

In the next presentations, we dealt with problems in our society. Ulrich Tuente, who graduated from the Unification Theological Seminary in the USA stressed that if we want to solve society’s problems, we must first examine the contradictions- just as a doctor must diagnose the cause of disease before treatment can start. The film, ‘Just like Heaven’, which we all watched together in the evening, demonstrates the relationship between spirit and body in a heart-warming but humorous way. The series of lectures on the Unification Principle ended with a view of history which shows God’s efforts to save and free the world from suffering.

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Also worthy of mention is our excursion to Limburg; we visited the cathedral, had a cup of coffee and browsed around in the old town. We watched the EM semi-final game-Germany against France-on a screen in the big hall.

A program of songs, a camp fire and tasty meals prepared by our ‘kitchen fairy’, Setsuko, accompanied the teaching program.

The final part of the seminar was devoted mainly to the Blessing movement and other important projects initiated by True Parents. The work of the Family Federation, where blessed families make God’s ideal visible, and the peace work of UPF, are essential for our movement’s growth. They provide the equipment to allow for success in our tribal messiah work.

It is a blessing for us in Germany and Europe to again be able to offer this opportunity for spiritual renewal in the renovated Neumühle. A young 2 generation participant expressed regrets that this type of principle seminar is not advertised enough to the young adults.