Thailand: True Leaders and Owners of Ideal Peaceful Family and Community Development

By FFWPU Thailand, Kamol Thananopavarn

700 Government Leaders participate 2-Day Divine Principle Workshop for VIPs in Heavenly Tribal Messiah Movement on 14-15 July 2016 by the official invitation letter of Provincial Governor of Mahasarakham who trusts and believes that FFWPU teaching and activities can help solve the problem of families and communities.  Historically, this is the biggest VIP workshop ever held in the history of Thailand. Participants are inspired by the vision and teaching of True Parents, especially true love, lineage, living for the sake of others, pure love, the value of marriage and ideal family. Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Regional President of FFWPU-Asia and Dr. Robert Kittel, Special Emissary of Asia poured their heart and investment to give a lecture to this workshop. Most of the government leaders have responsibilities directly about how to make a community of happiness and peace and used to confront a lot of problems about immorality, drug abuse, conflict, violence and crime in the families and societies but cannot find the way to make the situation better. So, when they listened to TP’s teaching in this workshop, they become so touched and moved, many of them experienced tears during the workshop and had life changing the experience. They want to welcome FFWPU teaching and activities to their lives, families, and communities as husbands and wives, as parents and as government officers. Many of them request for PPT and want to learn how to convey the content they learned in the workshop to their people in communities.

Dr. Lek’s tribal messiah group who is the main host of HTM activities in Mahasarakham has worked in this province for many years. We organized Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival for 6 times in 6 districts. The Vice Governor had joined as chairman of event 2 times and he was so inspired. Then, he brought the FFWPU coordinator to meet with Dr. Chokchai Dech-amorntan, Governor of Mahasarakham. After he understood the HTM movement and see what FFWPU had done so much for families and communities in Thailand, he decided to issue the official invitation letter in his name to order all head of government leaders in district level, sub-district level in whole provinces to join.

Dr. Ronnachit Phuttala, Chief of district officer of the main district, Kalasin province who help organized more than 40 times blessing and more than 10,000 families completed 3-day ceremony came to introduce how FFWPU create great contribution in Kalasin province. Then, Dr. Lek Thaveetermsakul, CIG Special Envoy gave Welcoming Remark.

Dr. Chokchai, Governor of Mahasarakham, gave opening remark. His message is heartistic but full of determination and wisdom to make Mahasarakham not to be material prosper but to be the province that people who are living in are full of love and happiness start from the family institution. He expressed that he wants to support FFWPU Thailand with his heart, love, and strategy to make our FFWPU activities to expand everywhere in Mahasarakham province and to become the model province of family happiness of Thailand.

Dr. Robert Kittel and Mr.Somyot Ketsrisang, Director of Education of FFWPU Thailand, gave Divine Principle lecture and Dr. Chung Sik Yong gave Special Lecture on “Attribute of True Love”. All participants are so attentive, listen seriously and then many of them have transformation experience with tears, repentance and love come to their heart.

Many participants cried again and again during the workshop. Many of them share that they love and inspired by Dr. Yong and Dr. Kittel’s lecture so much and the content of these lectures are real, true, so precious, able to solve all problems and make a real peaceful nation. They expressed that the work of FFWPU is exactly the work of Nation Building. They determine to make FFWPU and TP’s teaching expand in Mahasarakham.

One government officer shares that after listening about the value of blood lineage, he feels how serious it is and cry for repentance and want to receive Blessing in order to cleanse impurity in their lives and begin his new life.

With the great success of this workshop in full support of Mahasarakham Governor, God’s providence in Thailand will moving forward rapidly. Model what happen in Mahasarakham will expand nationwide. Blessing, Blessed Family Tradition and Faith toward TP will expand and grow to the district level, sub-district level, community level and reaching into million people population soon.