Italy: Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine Ceremony


Victorious Conclusion of 40-Day Condition to prepare for the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine Ceremony


By FFWPU Italy, Giuseppe Cali


The Italian movement could conclude its 40-day condition to prepare for the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine ceremony, according to True Parents’ direction.

The great majority of members joined this condition, with 40 bows daily, reading the same speeches all together and praying for the Victory of the Vision 2020.

All members will be able to participate in the seminars as well, before the end of July when we will have two Holy Wine and forgiveness ceremonies, one in Milano, on July 24th and the other in Rome, on July 31st. Every WE, we are having WS in different cities, based on True Parents’ life course, the meaning of Foundation Day and the Vision 2020 and the meaning of the new Grace and the four Holy Items.

The last organized was in Rome, and next week end we will have similar WS in Milano and Napoli. Bergamo and Padova had it already at the beginning of this month. We will try to have everybody attending the preparation WS and fulfill all conditions by the time we will have the first two ceremonies, but, for those who will not be able to attend or fulfill the conditions, we will continue to organize WSs and guide to the fulfillment of all conditions, in the following months, until everybody will be able to comply fully with Heavenly Parent and True Parents Will.

We are very grateful for this opportunity to be forgiven and to have a new beginning. Already by fulfilling the conditions, the heart of many members started to change and we developed a strong sense of unity and devotion to the fulfillment of the ideal of the Cheon Il Guk.

Personally, I received spiritual insights that made me much more aware of the providential time we are living in. Teaching in the WSs to prepare members, I was myself impressed and inspired by the greatness of True Parents vision. I had a strong impression that, not me, but somebody from Heaven was teaching in reality through me. While I was teaching I felt like being one of the participants, guided by a higher spirit and I learned a lot and changed a lot inside. I really came to the conclusion that this new Grace will open a new way for all members, families and Tribal messiahs, to ascend to a higher level of awareness and spiritual dominion. We will become a much better tools for the Providence, based on our faith in Heavenly Parent and rue Parents. This is already happening gradually through the conditions we are fulfilling.

It is not just matter of physical engagement, like in bowing, reading, spending time to pray or giving a donation, but most importantly is the level of devotion, “Cheong Song”, we invest in doing it. This is what makes the real difference in our life, in everything we do, dream and fulfill. We want to change this world, so we have to change ourselves first.

Thank you to Heavenly Parent and True Parents for this new opportunity to advance and improve the life of all brothers and sisters. Thank you for loving so much our families.!