Cameroon: A Revival Assembly

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By WFWP Cameroon

The general assembly of the WFWP (WAPA Cameroon) was really extraordinary. More than 40 sisters from the different regions of Cameroon participated. The assembly started 9:30a.m with the singing of holy songs, the Cheong il guk anthem and an opening prayer. This was followed by the reading of the Cheon Seong Kyeong as Hoondokhae. The passages were from book two under the title “TRUE PARENTS AND THE MESSIAH”.

Rev Edwin Plekhanov, president of FFWPU Cameroon, gave the opening speech. He welcomed all the participants and thanked them for coming despite the difficulties they faced with their schedule and finances. He then, insisted on the position of mothers in the family, society and world. He said mothers should be conscious of their autonomy as substantial manifestations of one of God’s dual characteristics and stop being a burden for men. This was more emphasized on by projecting a video on our TP’s which showed a concrete example of the mother’s role with our True Mother as model.

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The assembly continued with a general view on the WFWP and precisely Women’s association for Peace in Africa (WAPA) given by Mrs. Lau Asong.

She gave the internal and external objectives of the federation which all turn around the role of the woman in the society and how active they should be in the society. All this was backed up with extracts from our True Parents. At the end of this presentation all the sisters stood to sing the national anthem of peace in French and English.

After the break, some sisters gave innovative ideas on what sisters can do to improve their standard of living. Three bless children came up and sang to entertain the participants.

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President of FFWPU Cameroon, announced some personal changes in WFWP Cameroon and new comers are as follow: Executive President: Mrs. Consoler Akele Aza, Vice president: Mrs. Grace Mbu Manchang, Secretary General: Mrs. Laure Kouakou, Patron (honorary President): Mrs. Nkamngoh Rose Epse Nkamanyi

During the ceremony, Rev. Edwin Plekhanov president of FFWPU Cameroon, offered gifts to the outgoing president and vice president of WFWP, thanking them for their hard work.

The new leadership of WFWP Cameroon pledged in front of Heaven and the whole assembly to do their best to create and offer concrete results to Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

We also had a meeting where the representatives of different regions gave report on how they intend to work. This was done under the coordination of the Honorary President of the WFWP Cameroon.

At the end of all participants gave their written impressions of what took place during the day and the assembly was concluded with a unison prayer, three cheers of Eok Mansei and a groupe picture.

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