Brazil: 3-Day Seminar for Older Blessing Candidates

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By FFWPU Brazil, Maria Dolor Barbosa das Graças (Director of Blessed Family Department)


From the very beginning of this year, God had inspired us in the Blessed Family Department to organize this heavenly meeting as a great solution for those single blessing candidates who are over 40 years old, to find someone in order to go to the blessing ceremony. As they are getting older, they are desperate, thinking they might die without receiving the blessing.

My ancestors had never stopped demanding from me to remember these older brothers and sisters to get match! So, I never stopped too, praying and offering jeongseong to heaven to enlighten us in what way we could help these brothers and sisters.

Then my prayers were answered by heaven, God had given His inspiration and I had no doubt that this seminar would be effective since I truly believed that it´s God and True Parents who would want to realize it and to make it happened but They need us as their instruments to make all details in the organization to be possible.

I had felt all the time, their great presence and guidance from the very beginning until the seminar was done and until now as I am making this report.

One blessed sister, who is a missionary, a Matching Advisor and one of the staff of the 3-day seminar had seen True Father at the altar with the True Parents official photo in the lecture room of the hotel smiling joyfully and contently.

With the support of our regional president and president of FFWPU Brazil, we finally organized the Heavenly Meeting. There were 26 participants including 11 brothers and 15 sisters, who had completed mostly their documents and blessing requirements and 10 matching advisors as staff members.

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There were 1 brother from Argentina, 3 sisters from Peru and 1 sister from Paraguai and the rest of the participants were from Brazil (São Paulo and other states of Brazil).

Out of the 26 participants, 5 couples (5 brothers and 5 sisters, a total of 10 candidates) formed a couple and had agreed and decided to proceed to the 2nd phase of the matching which is a profound communication in order to get to know each other more and if they´re ok with each other will commit for matching and prepare for the blessing.

The result is truly more than what we expected, because we thought maybe 2 or 3 couples will already be so good but 5 couples could make it, so it is truly great!

If depending on the site or waiting that their profiles be introduced to someone through Matching Advisors living far away from each other than these 5 couples as a result would not come out but Matching Advisors as staff members of the seminar giving assistance, then these 5 couples could find each other in the seminar! So, this seminar being its first time and pioneer is really a successful and victorious one, that´s why we´re planning for the 2nd Heavenly Meeting for Older Single Candidates next year, 2017!

All of the participants are truly happy with each other but of course they are aware that there will be challenges in the future and that they are free to say yes or no before committing seriously for matching and blessing.

But it´s not just the couples who are happy but also those who could not decide to have someone in this seminar, most of these single candidates are so happy, contented and thankful to participate in the seminar. Some could find a healing inside, greater energy and hope for the future, that´s why each one was encouraging us in the BFD to organize again another seminar like this next year because they are willing to participate again and this is really very good!

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The program started after dinner at the hotel on July 15 with the Opening Remarks of Pr. Valcir Zancan (Vice-President for Education, FFWPU, Brazil), then the orientation from Mrs. Maria Dolor Barbosa das Graças (BFD Director of Brazil) about the program and there was the 1st rotation of communication among the participants as an ice breaker so that the brothers could start to talk to the sisters and vice-versa. The next day, the ice breaker dynamics had a good result because during breakfast already we could see that a brother and a sister could be in one table and ate breakfast together.

On July 16, the program started with the HDH led by Pr. Valcir and Sra. Flor Cerpa Zancan (Vice-Director, BFD Brazil), then after breakfast, Pr. Takashi Hosoya (Itinerary Missionary in Brazil), gave a profound and powerful lectures about the Divine Principle. After lunch, Pr. Takashi gave the lectures on the value and significance of the Blessing.

Pr. Valcir gave the lectures entitled, “What´s the Right Attitude to choose a Partner” basing on Father´s words in the Blessing and God´s Ideal book, part 1. It was very good and the lectures clarified doubts and questions of participants related to the subject matter.

On July 17, the last day of the seminar, the program started with the HDH led by Pr. Takashi and Sra. Genilda. Then Mrs. Cui Yulan, the wife of the National Leader of the FFWPU of Brazil gave a profound and powerful testimony and most of the participants were moved. Mrs. Maria Dolor Barbosa das Graças had gave the official orientations of the Blessed Family Department about matching and blessing process.

After another delicious meal after lunch, the participants had written their impressions in the lecture room and there was the final group photo and 4 cheers of oeg mansei by Pr. Valcir and his wife, Sra. Flor.

Some participants were saying that they´re already missing everyone and the beautiful experiences they´re having in the 3 days seminar and they had expressed the desire to extend their stay more and continue and prolong the seminar.

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  • “The lectures of the two Pastors, Pr. Takashi and Pr. Valcir had moved me a lot, as well as the profound and sincere testimonies of the two elder sisters, Sra. Onnan and Sra. Dolor. I liked the ice breaker – the rotation of communication among participants where brothers and sisters face to face can talk freely and started to get to know each other. I would like to promote this event to other members, so that they too can experience good things as I had the opportunity to experience participating in this seminar and most importantly to find someone whom I could continuously communicate and with God´s guidance and blessings be able to commit for the matching, then blessing.”
  • “All of the lectures were well given and elaborated, I had no doubts but the experiences of Sra. Onnan was excellent, it´s because, even how much we think we understand we were still far from what we really are then her experiences and Dolor´s experiences, too was very but really very important to me. I liked everything in the seminar but the ice breaker- rotation of communication among the participants was truly great. The money that I paid for the seminar fee was really worth it and the staff had attended us so well, they´re truly prepared spiritually and have a heart of so much love for others. I will recommend this seminar to others (40+ candidates) because we should not give up before trying everything.”
  • “I had liked all lectures but what moved me a lot was about the value and the significance of the blessing. I liked everything in the seminar, everything was wonderful. I had felt so much love from God and the True Parents through the brothers and sisters and all of the things around (the nature and the fresh air in that beautiful place). I just had gratitude in my heart for everything. It was worth truly participating paying the seminar fee. This Heavenly Meeting is a pioneer and with much value. I felt truly that God and the True Parents are so happy.”
  • “What moved me a lot was the living testimonies of the two Central Figures (Sra. Onnan and Sra. Dolor) about the difficulties in the blessed conjugal life and how much they could overcome and be victorious developing true love. I liked the lectures because they added much my knowledge. It was worth coming and participating because I could hear and learn, could get together and share experiences, a very valuable ocasion and a growth to my spiritual life. All of the staff members are wonderful. Everyone are positive, loving, attentive and always ready to help and support us.”
  • “I had liked all lectures, exclusively the part where it talked about the lineage. It helped a lot my ancestors, since I am aware that I am not here just for me and yes, I must be grateful to my ancestors and help them much. All staff are very good. It was worth paying the seminar fee, it´s because everything in the hotel is excelent. Before, I had never come to a hotel and participate in an event for 3 days, now I could have that experience but what is most wonderful is the grace from God and the True Parents to give me a chance to start a new beginning with the brother from Argentina whom I am now communicating continuously and hopefully with God and True Parents´ guidance, both of us to commit for the matching and the blessing.”
  • “What I had liked the most was when I could meet and see my partner personally with whom I am communicating now, focussing on the original nature, since the fallen nature, both of us need to seriously deal with and restore. The first ice breaker – rotation of communication among candidates where it provided relaxation (because before that ice-breaker, the participants were stiff and hesitant to interact) and was the beginning of the interactions among the participants who did not know each other, especially among foreigners. Paying the seminar fee, it was truly worth coming and participating. The infrastructure and the meals were excellent and regardless of the reason and the event, I intend to return more often, so I will recommend to my friends.”
  • “What moved me the most was the testimony of Sra. Onnan. I liked the exchange of informations among the participants and I liked too the Gala night last Saturday evening. I would like to share to others the spiritual result of the seminar, it generated a high level of joy and energy that we rarely feel in our lives. My suggestions are: To increase the number of participants, to organize another seminar of this kind, perhaps even this year yet. I will recommend this kind of seminar to others.”
  • “What I had liked the most among the lectures given was the 4 position foundation and the testimony of Sra. Dolor! It´s because she had shared her experiences of how her arrogance could have destroyed her if she did not humble. I could see myself in her because I am arrogant, too and this is my problem that need to be resolved. The lectures of Pr. Valcir had let me understood about the problem of Cain and Abel with much profoundness and how that problem can be overcame. I liked the activity where we can talk! I could meet people that I could talk about experiences in the past and to have new experiences and for the future, always we can improve living and sharing together with brother and sisters. It´s worth participating because it´s always good to be with brothers and sisters. These 3 days had given me new strength, principally because of the lectures. The staff are so dear and loving to us. I suggest that more people should participate for the next seminar like this. I recommend this seminar to others because it´s always good to renew ourselves.”