Australia: Winter Workshop for Second Generations

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by FFWPU Australia, Bongchun Adamedes & William Saver


On the 4th -7th of July 2016 the high school blessed children winter workshop took place in the gorgeous backdrop of the world renowned Blue Mountains. It was a great turn out with 23 enthusiastic participants and 10 staff members from across 4 states gathering at the workshop. The workshop consisted of a combination of internal guidance, discussions, relationship building activities and outdoor recreational activities.

The theme of the workshop was understanding today for the sake of tomorrow, with a compass logo to support the meaning behind this thoughtful slogan. Various talks were given by a combination of 1st generation elders (the three amigos), who spoke about their personal experiences with God and True Parents, and elder second generation youth who gave guidance on love, purity, the value of 2nd generation, following your conscience, bringing meaning to the ordinary, and overcoming internal struggles.

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The united group of core staff set the tone of the workshop by whole heartily giving their best in all the activities from listening to internal guidance, soulful singing, guiding discussions, and enthusiastically engaging in sports. Their example inspired the participants to also bring their best effort to each activity resulting in the emergence of an uplifting workshop atmosphere which could be felt by all attending the workshop. The workshop culminated with an evening hike which many participants described as being one of the highlights of the workshop as it provided staff and participants the opportunity to relate with one another in a very natural and genuine way whist being immersed in the beautiful and serene surroundings of the Blue Mountains national park.

Despite the limited time, by the end of the workshop each of the participants felt closer with their fellow bcs and learnt valuable life lessons which they could implement into their daily lives. In their end of workshop reflection one of the participants stated “This workshop felt like a mini summer workshop for me. It made us build stronger bonds between 2nd gens and I learnt new things I never learnt before” another mentioned that “the talks gave me clarity, showing me what I need to do to become who I want to be and what I need to do to get there”. It is safe to say that everyone involved in the workshop took something very meaningful and valuable from this fantastic workshop.

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Thank you for all those individuals involved in organizing and running this meaningful event. Such a rich experience would not have been possible without the hard work, dedication, and cooperation of core staff members, David Saver & Rachel Ledesma, in addition to the team of auxiliary staff members, who in their own way made a valuable contribution. Thank you to each one of the participants who all brought such a great attitude and of course let us appreciate the support of the ever present, ever supporting, ever loving heavenly parent.

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