Argentina: Participating at a Historical Celebration


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By WFWP Argentina


WFWP Argentine participated at a different commemorative moment, a national celebrations carried out for the 200 anniversary of Argentine Independence. The Independence Declaration was signed on July 9, 1816 by the national patriots in the historical city of Tucuman, in the north of Argentina. During the month of July, the celebrations were carried out all over the country.

WFWP Argentina wanted to take part of this historical moment for the nation.

Accompanied by the Japanese WFWP missionary, Mrs. Mieko Iketo, a local delegation of WFWP members moved to the town of Tucuman and was received by Mrs. Beatriz Avila, wife of the mayor of that historical city.

Furthermore, through the work of the family Alcaraz, living in Tucuman, the WFWP could be introduced in a meeting with ONGs of that town and could offer a Conference on HIV prevention and Voluntary Abstinence to a group of university students that showed great interest on the topic.

Within the frame of the national celebrations for the Bicentennial of Independence the local WFWP members , together with the Japanese missionary, carried out also activities of cultural interchange Argentina-Japan , visiting schools in Buenos Aires province, participated in the launch off of a youth drawing competition organized by the municipality of Arrecife and took part, together with UPF, to symbolic acts of planting olive trees in historical places of Tucuman and Arrecife cities.

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