A Love Story for God: How I Witnessed in the Early Days

bri-tes (1)By Brigitte Meister


Testimony of Brigitte Meister, Early Austrian Member



Brigitte Meister is a little lady with a big heart, who embodies the spirit of the early days that True Mother has encouraged us to rediscover. Brigitte joined on the 26th of April 1967, in Vienna, Austria. She has given her heart and soul for the dispensation with the following personal motto: “Blessed are those who search in tears; they will reap in joy.”


My spiritual mother Emilie Steberl was sitting beside me in church and we started speaking about our different backgrounds. She told me that she was living with a group of young people from different religions. We exchanged addresses and we decided to meet again. A few days later, Emi came and knocked at my window. She invited me to go with her to the center. This was in 1967.

There, I heard the mission of Jesus, which moved me very much. Until then the Christians has not known that Jesus was supposed to live and also build a family on earth, though this was so clear and obvious to me afterwards. The utmost interest and dedication from the brothers and sisters touched my heart and gave me so much comfort. I was sure to return there and always kept in my heart the precious revelation about Jesus.

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True Parents bless couples in Germany, March 1969

I shared many happy hours with the members. I observed the wonderful springtime, the birds were singing in utmost sweetness and the trees were blossoming. But the true spring came to me when I realized that the Messiah was already living on earth, which struck me in my deepest self. At that moment, I was ready to drop everything and follow with my whole heart this new and wonderful vision. I was feather-light, full of courage and hope and determined to follow the Messiah and restore the whole world.

Paul Werner [then national leader] told me to think everything over, to pray about it and to make my own decision. But in my heart it was clear that this was the truth. Especially the first chapter about God´s wonderful plan for His children moved me very much, and I became the happiest person in the world. Soon afterward, I knocked on the door and begged to join them in their home. Paul and all brothers and sisters were overflowing with happiness as they welcomed me and they took me as their new very special sister. We celebrated all day and even into the night; we couldn’t stay in our bed, we danced and ran to the holy ground, joyfully singing until morning’s dawn. Later, on my way to heaven, I had many trials following a very steep and narrow way – because I wanted to be the quickest!

On this way, feeling God’s lonely heart, I found many children longing for Father’s love and I always brought them to our family church centers.

In the early times, we were living together in centers. We were strictly following the principle: Spirit is subject and Body is object. Therefore, before eating, we were used to study the Divine Principle, to sing and to pray. We freely shared our money and all things together with enthusiasm. We looked at each other with God´s eyes and started our “new life” like new born babies. We learned through our older brothers and sisters to look deep into people´s heart to know if they are prepared for God. We were so happy when we found a prepared unborn child, ready to hear the precious message. We kept praying throughout each lecture. Sometimes, it was a big internal battle for the people being confronted with Divine Principle. On these occasions we did not mind to fast for them and to care so well that Satan had no chance to interfere. Especially, when our spiritual children heard that the Messiah is on the earth, it was a very critical time. Carrying them deep in our heart, we were protecting them through our prayer and fasting.

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True Parents in Europe during their world tour of 1969


For me, it is very important to have a very regular prayer life. First, I pray in the morning when I get up, then at 11.00, at 14.00 and 17.00 very exactly and every evening I write a love story to God, a sort of positive report from the day. The content of my prayer is to comfort God´s heart, to console him and to thank him for being alive. I entirely use positive words and transform always the negative into positive. Once a week, on Saturday, I make a resumé of the whole week, I read again and examine the contents of my daily letters to God and decorate the report with lovely dried flowers that I have prepared during the week. I put them together in an envelope. I keep this and offer it to God.

I am very concerned to use every minute of the day for God. When I take the public transport, I look for prepared people and I sit next to somebody. I first pray for this person and for inspiration how can I get in touch with the person´s heart. Sometimes, I show the photo of True Father and I tell the people that I have known him personally for 40-something years, and that He has blessed 400-million people in marriage, from all races and religions. When the people are positive, I ask them if they pray. If they say yes, I ask them to pray for Rev. Moon because He wants to build a world family. Usually, it is easy to invite them for a lecture.

My beloved husband Salomon helps me with the conditions such as fasting, prayer, offering bows and making gifts for guests.

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Brigitte with her husband Salomon


True Parents’ visit to Europe

In 1969, we heard that True Parents would be coming to Germany. We were very excited. In Austria, we were quite a big “family” with 35 members I was the eleventh. We all went to Essen (Germany) at the end of March 1969 to welcome our True Parents at the airport. They greeted each one of us with a personal hand-shake. (Afterwards, I avoided washing my hands to keep this contact longer!). We met in a big hall, decorated in a heavenly way with hand-made paintings and fresh flowers. There, in this beautiful place, our True Parents gave the Blessing to the first eight couples in Europe after long discussions with them. We could all watch and celebrate with them. Our True Parents looked so happy. They went singing and dancing all around the hall.

Then, few days later, our True Parents came to Austria; it was Easter time. I remember that at breakfast, True Father, whom we called “Master” at that time, told us that it was the anniversary of his liberation from prison. True Mother sang “Edelweiss” for us and Mr. Eu sang Schubert’s “Am Brunnen vor den Tore.

Afterwards, we carried also on to mobilize and find new spiritual children.

I used to witness to many people in the street. I would bring them to the center. Then a lecturer would teach them; sometimes Peter Koch [the new national leader] himself would take care of them. Finally, I was able to find 12 spiritual children.

I am very happy and very grateful to God to have lived at the time when the Messiah was on earth.

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Brigitte with a guest at the center