Zambia: 7-Day Seminar for the Youth

by Djimadoum Fabrice

The Youth Federation for World Peace Zambia held a 7-Day workshop for the Youths from June 5th to June 12, 2016 at Barlastone Training Centre in Lusaka. We had a total of 24 participants from Monze, Choma cities (about 300 to 400 km from capital city Lusaka) and within Lusaka. The workshop covered topics on Divine Principle included internal guidance, True Parents life course, testimonies from an elder member with different activities such as sports and music performances.

The main lecturers throughout the workshop were Rev. Jean Augustin Ghomsi, East Africa Regional Director of Witnessing and Education, Pastor Eric Kashala Mutewa, Director of Blessed Family Department and Mr. Andrico Tshaba, YFWP Zambia Vice President. During Sunday service where participants received their certificates. The purpose of the workshop is to give tools to the youths which were witnessed from Heavenly Tribal Messiahship in the same cities mentioned above.


Banda Jabbes from Choma: Since the time I had the sense of reasoning, many questions clicked in my mind. What is the purpose of creation? Why are we suffering if God is there? Why didn’t God just kill Satan from the very beginning? These are some of the questions I had in mind, but thank God for the 7-day Divine Principle Workshop. The mystery of Heavenly things have now been revealed.

The following are answers to the questions I had:

What is the purpose of creation? For the joy of God through the completion of 3 great blessings. But this was not achieved because man disobeyed God. Since then, God creates ways of restoring man.

What made man fall? He disobeyed God by eating the forbidden fruit. What kind of fruit? Sex. Also the other context written in the Bible as symbols and signs were also revealed.

Why do we need the Messiah? For restoration of fallen man. When it came to the part of resurrection? Many things were also revealed and satisfied my questions. I also learnt about the parallel lines of times. About the second coming of the Messiah, many amazing things were revealed. Some of them are: the period when the Messiah is likely to come. The nation in which he will come from.

I thank God for His divine mercy to grant us such a wonderful opportunity to learn of His mystery. Many thanks also to the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification for their efforts in taking their responsibility of spreading the word.

Martin Phiri from Lusaka: When the day I joined the Family Federation for World Peace & Unification, I was very glad because this church is good. I changed my bad habit, I’ve become a humble person. I thank you for the things you have done in my life. I wish God continues blessing Mother Moon.

I thank the 7-day workshop. Family Federation for World Peace & Unification is the best in the world. Continue to teach people about Father Moon and Mother Moon. You have shown me good things I have never seen in my life. The things I experienced about God and our True Parents, is true love. My mother and my family will be very happy because I was a bad person. I really appreciate the Family Federation for World Peace & Unification. I continue to pray in this church, I don’t care what people saying about this church. Unification church is my favorite.