Nepal: Youth Leadership for Building Nation of Peace

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We held a 7 day consecutive of 2 days Divine principle seminar with the theme” Youth Leadership for Building Nation of Peace” in 5 various district of Nepal such as Mahottari, Nuwakot, Jhapa, Makwanpur and Udayapur under the leadership Heavenly Tribal Messiah center leader on June 18 – 25 , 2016. A total of 230 high school graduate and college level student who received and known True Parents teaching, divine principle and it was presented by the center leader.

The 2 days seminar are preparation for higher and deeper understanding of divine principle lecture, the 21 day seminar. Few number of participants commit themselves to become a core member of CARP and some others are preparing for higher level of seminar. Some reflection from the participants “I will serve publicly while studying so that I have a better future and to make my parents proud of me”.

Ambassador for Peace witnessed the graduation ceremony and gave a strong guidance of how important role of youth in building a prosperous, crime war free and healthy nation.

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