With CARP Members in Albania!


By CARP Albania


Cooperation between CARP and ALSAR association!

Our young international members caught the attention of an association called ALSAR, which has educational, cultural and humanitarian character, and it is based on Islam. A youth leader of this association explained to us how we could make collaboration on a Cultural Harmony Fair that they were about to organize. After that I asked if she would like to hear a presentation on our founder’s teachings, and she gladly received the introduction of Divine Principle.

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For about one week 7 of our youth met with the students of ALSAR to get ready for the fair, which would be hold on 10th of May. Seventeen nations participated, and 7 of them were from CARP. After few speeches and presentations, the participants could visit each cultural table prepared. They were interested to hear about special characteristics of the nations but because our young people were outstanding in their joy and enthusiasm, they became much more curious to get to know more about CARP. In each table we had CARP invitations and different informing materials and contact cards that we could give to the guests. We are happy to report that many people came from the fair to attend the International day of Families, which would be just two days later on 12th of May. Particularly we would like to mention one lady, which we met that day, and invited at the IDF. We asked her to come the very next day to a Blessing Presentation Lecture, and finally on 15th of May she received Cosmic Blessing. Her husband passed to spirit world earlier and she is now dedicating herself to grow well their 4 children. She was so happy to be part of the Blessing ceremony.

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As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen!

In February 2016, together with Mrs. Suzana Rexhepi, one of our first members and missionaries in Albania who now is serving as middle school principal in Tirana, we planned an essay competition with the outstanding pupils of the school.

Best pupils between ages of 13-15 years old were gathered together to listen to a short presentation about CARP and the Autobiography book “As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen”. Students were really excited to get the book. After reading they had to reflect on it and create an essay based on their realization, inspiration and future determination that they got from the book about True Parents’ model life.

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In May we concluded the project, giving each participant the title “Peace activist” and chose three best essays to receive prizes.

At the graduation ceremony some students shared how much they were touched by True Parents’ life course. In their essays many expressed the desire to resemble Rev. Moon and promised to make good decisions for the future. Some of their reflections: “He is a model, and that we should become Peace Loving Global Citizen”; “It taught me that I should love people, take care of nature, be altruist”; and many quoted the famous motto “Gain dominion over the self before you desire to dominate the universe”.

Particularly, at the graduation ceremony, one student shared that she read the book 3 times and when her family and relatives listened her essay they became so curios about the book. She told that her relatives are passing the book hand in hand, reading it one by one, waiting for when their turn will come. She also told that she wants to read it again and again.

We created a booklet with their essays as a special memory for the school. Our plan in the very near future is to invite these students to our local center to get to know more directly about our activities with young people.

As True Parents have so much faith in this book, we really wish that this book will keep these young people’s minds pure, shape their character, that they can become global leaders, who will Love God, Love People and Love the Nation.

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3 Days Workshop and Camping!

On May 27th – 29th Korça center organized a Camping Workshop in Prespa, a touristic village in south-east of Albania. In order to be part of this workshop all the candidates should have received all Divine Principle lectures and the Second Coming lecture, so we could share True Parent’s life more deeply. The motto of this workshop was “Keep Going 2020”. The goal for this workshop for all the participants consisted in enjoying, uniting, and feeling True Parents.

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During the workshop, we had 3 lectures based on True Parent’s speeches about mind and body unity, having goals and changing blood lineage, One Family under God, living for sake of others and so on. All lectures took place outdoor, near the lake, like in the old time movement. Participants received lectures amidst nature, in an unusual environment and this helped them to feel different things. We really wanted for guests to connect lectures with their life and their future.


In order for the workshop to be more interesting and for the guests to use more their imagination, part of the schedule was “Vision Game.” Each team had to think how we can contribute and change Albania. Assuming situation was: we have everything; money, authority, tools, the only thing needed is the idea. The ideas were interesting. They were serious and they even draw their ideas in details, to demonstrate their creativity. It was an inspiring opportunity for them, thinking about changing the reality of our society.

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Physical Challenges

The second day, was challenge time. Through a variety of physical challenges and games, each teams learned teamwork. How to unite, how to help each other, encourage each other and so on. Even though it was a very hot day and there were no shadows, we could feel great energy from all the participants. After we announced the winner team, one new guest who couldn’t win shared that: “I really wanted to be winner, but if other people are not happy, I can’t be happy.” And his words touched all of us.

Sharing hearts with each other

We did not want the second day to finish just with challenges. Staff thought that after a good teamwork in challenges, guests could be more closed to each other and at the end of day they can share more freely with each other and feel like family. We gathered around fire, and shared the happiest moment and the most difficult moment in our lives. Usually we don’t have opportunities to share these kinds of things, but this was a good opportunity to understand deeply our brothers and sisters. Everyone listened each story with a sincere heart and a great atmosphere was created.

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This workshop brought all members and guests closer and, oh yes, we found hope in guests eyes. We can’t explain how much power and joy we got from them at the end of workshop. All of us have to “Keep Going “, saving people lives, sharing True Parents Love, and rising new generation with fresh mind and ideas.

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