True Mother’s Message at the Breakfast Meeting with American Leaders

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June 4, 2016, East Garden, New York

I also feel happy to see you. On my way here, I thought about what the Creator, Heavenly Parent, hoped for America. How much do the True Parents love this nation and how much did they strive to awaken the American people and embrace the world?

In this regard, how many difficulties did Heaven go through until this American nation could be established? King James of England had the Hebrew bible translated into English and printed so that many civilians could learn it. Since it was published and the members of the public could access it, they began to look for a place of religious freedom where they could attend God freely. That became America. The Native Americans were already living here. However, how did Heaven guide the Puritans so that they could come to America?

You need to be aware of this. You have become the center of the world over the past three hundred years and have a powerful foundation like that of the Roman Empire two thousand years ago. However, [we should think about] what our center is, what Heavenly Parent’s will is. Those in the Christian cultural sphere were waiting for the returning Lord, but they did not know what the returning Lord was supposed to do. Heaven nurtured America for three thousand years and blessed it with all its wealth and power. He blessed America so that it would become a foundation for the returning Lord, the True Parents.

Yet America is dark. Even in the 1970s it was on the brink of crisis. True Parents came to America when it was falling over the edge of a cliff from the threat of communism, family destruction, problems among teenagers and drug problems. Father came as the doctor and a firefighter for this nation, which was burning. America should have listened to Father and attended him. I am the True Parent. The True Parents are the True Parents of humankind. Isn’t that so?

God’s dream, God’s wish is to embrace humankind. What do you think about this? Now that forty years have passed, it’s time to mature, right? Those who were there (at the Yankee Stadium Rally) at that time probably attended it in your twenties. All of you are nearing sixty and seventy, aren’t you? Is there anyone here that could confidently say on the last day of your life, I did my best and fulfilled my responsibility? True Parents carried out the providence for the sake of the world, but you have not fulfilled your responsibilities concerning this one nation or this one tribe. Could you say in front of those in future generations and your descendants, I took responsibility for this era?

You need me. Is this true or isn’t it? I need to wrap not one person, but two hundred nations in the folds of my skirt; you who are with me today are the most blessed people. You are in the happiest position. However, you must not forget that you have responsibilities. If you don’t fulfill them you will have to pay worse indemnity. You must not forget this.

I hope that many of you can become sons or daughters who succeed and can proudly say, Mother, I have restored this nation by doing this or that. Then I would dance while I congratulated you. Please realize how fortunate you are that I am alive and well. Yes?