True Mother’s Benediction Prayer over Holy Items

April 21, 2016 (3.15 on the heavenly calendar) – Cheon Jeong Gung Prayer Hall

This prayer was featured in the May issue of True Peace magazine.


“Our awe-inspiring Heavenly Parent! In order to realize your dream, you manifested the Creation and created Adam and Eve, who were to become ancestors of all human beings.

The principle behind the Creation called for human beings to become one with you. If Adam and Eve had fulfilled their responsibilities and become the very first ancestors of humankind by attending Heavenly Parent the world today would not be in its present circumstances.

However, due to the Fall, Heaven has endured a long, six-thousand-year history filled with resentment and grief.

Yet you held on to your original ideal of Creation, so you endured, longing for the day the human ancestors would appear and liberate you.

For the first time in six thousand years, in 1960, the term, “True Parents,” was manifested on earth through the only begotten son and daughter that You raised. However, even though True Parents had many miserable days owing to their having to begin from the very bottom and climb up through the eight stages (because the Christian foundation, which had been prepared for two thousand years could not create an environment or become a ladder) True Parents still bore many blessed children.

These blessed children, who are in Satan’s realm of power, have the responsibility—centered on True Parents, with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience—to multiply in a position united with their True Parents. Yet, even before fulfilling that responsibility, they have looked after themselves alone and wavered in that (satanic) environment. True Parents’ hearts break when they see their children living such a life a faith.

Heavenly Parent has supported True Parents’ wish with compassionate grace once more to establish a realm of God’s homeland where all human beings can become blessed children. As blessed families and true citizens of Cheon Il Guk, which You have settled anew on an established standard of faith at high noon, we will become blessed children who fulfill our missions and responsibilities.

Please bless this occasion so that these blessed children may engraft as unified children who fulfill all our responsibilities in the presence of True Parents’ efforts to embrace the 7.3 billion people, which is the hope of our Heavenly Parent. To bless this day, once again, in the name of True Parents, may we be reborn through these holy items graced with Your compassion and become true children who can go to the eternal original homeland with no shadows and no trace of even the smallest satanic realm.

May all the children of our unification families all over the world realize that these holy items bestow your blessed grace and may they joyfully appreciate you. May we become children who do our best to fulfill our responsibilities so that your children, the 7.3 billion people, who will remain in your proud history—can be embraced within True Parents’ bosom.

In hopes that you will once again oblige us with your compassion, I bless these in the name of True Parents. Aju.”

True Mother then said to the members present:

“This holy salt is special. When a blessed member nears the end of his or her earthly life and is about to ascend to the spirit world, the member should repent to purify any wrongdoing. This holy salt should be used in a special ritual during the Seonghwa Ceremony so that the person can ascend in the original state of Adam and Eve at the time of their creation.”