Thailand: True Leaders & Owners of Model Peaceful Family & Community Development

By FFWPU Thailand

We organized a special seminar on the topic “True Leaders & Owners of Model Peaceful Family & Community Development” to teach Divine Principle and True Parents’ word to 160 VIPs, government leaders and community leaders who inspired and support Heavenly Tribal Messiah Movement at Thaninthorn Green Park Hotel, Roi-et city, Roi-et province, Northeast of Thailand on May 21-22, 2016. This is in order to raise them up to have faith in True Parents, understand their teaching centering on family value and pure love, become new Cheon Il Guk owners and new Heavenly Tribal Messiahs.

Most of participants were government leaders and community leaders and their spouseห, such as Chief of District Officer, Provincial Department directors, Chairman of Sub-district administration officers, Sub-district Headman, Village Headman, School directors, Women leaders, etc. They are the leaders who support FFWPU education & Blessing when organized in their districts or sub-districts. They experience when FFWPU projects and True Parents’ teaching arrive to their communities, FFWPU projects can solve social problems, make families become happier, bond of love between wives and husbands & parents and children become better and their community become more secure, unite and peaceful. Most of participants completed 3-day ceremony and many of them begin to practice Blessed Family Tradition and life of faith toward True Parents

Dr. Lek Thaveetermsakul, Cheon Il Guk Special Envoy, gave opening remark. Dr. Robert Kittel, Special Emissary to Asia Continent, gave Divine Principle Lecture and True Parents’ teaching that go beyond religions and can embrace all religious tradition centering Family Value, Absolute Sex and Blood Lineage. Especially, Dr. Kittel presented the topic “Significance and Value of True Parents in the view of providential of restoration”, he gave conclude presentation of Ideal of Creation, Fall, principle of restoration and then proclaim True Parents directly as the Lord who brought True Love, Life and Blood Lineage and bring the truth that can liberate humankind from Satanic sinful world and brought human being back to original ideal of creation.

All participants were so inspired and requested for PPT presentation in order to learn and practice to give these lectures to people in their communities. They respect and love True Parents and believe that only True Parents and their teaching are the hope that can make their communities become better, especially security and happiness of family institution and Pure Love in young people. The government and community leaders are inspired to practice Blessed Family Tradition and begin the life of Hoon Dok Hae in their communities.

Dr. Ronnachit Phutthala, Chief of Kalasin District Officer, Kalasin Province gave testimony why he works hard to promote the work of FFWPU and True Parents’ teaching in Kalasin province because all kind of problems in society come from families. If we can solve the problems in the families, we can make society better. True Parents gave us spiritual power and clear vision about Ideal Family. We should learn and follow TP’s teaching and they really sacrifice to help humanity to become better.

FFWPU Thailand will continue to expand Heavenly Tribal Messiah movement to everywhere. We plan to organized this VIPs and government leaders in 6 times in 6 provinces in July and to establish Hoon Dok Family Group and FFWPU Blessed Family Communities in districts and sub-districts level in 6 provinces of Thailand (Kalsin, Surin, Ubolratchathani, Buriram, Mahasakham, Sakhon Nakhon).