Thailand: 2-Day Blessing Candidate Workshop

By FFWPU Thailand

FFWPU Thailand held one of the biggest for blessing candidate which has 105 young members join at Main Hall of HQ in Bangkok on June 4-5, 2016. Most of participants are young CARP center members and some second generation members. They determine to be successful as blessing candidates and to build ideal family centering on True Love in the near future by practice TP’s teaching and attend Heavenly Parent and True Parents. The participants are full of spirit and desire to become qualified blessing candidates and expect to receive Blessing in next Giwonjeol Blessing in February 2017 in Cheongshim World Peace Center.

Our main goals were to educate our youth to understand Divine Principle, Value of Blessing, True Parents’ vision, Preparation Internally and Externally and to have right motivation to become Blessing candidates. Mr. Phayungsri Deekote, FFWPU Thailand Lecturer and Mrs. Sangkom Netsopa, Director of Blessed Family Department were the main lecturers.

Rev. Kamol Thanaopavarn, president of FFWPU Thailand, gave internal guidance on the topic “Golden Rules to become Successful Blessed Members and Blessed Families” which focused on the value of Blessing, Heart of Filial Piety toward Heavenly Parent and True Parents, Motivation of True Love to apply as Blessing Candidates.”

Dr. Chung Sik Yong pour his spirit with love and heart to guide all CARP members on the motivation to become Blessing Candidates. He gave the example about his friend who is blind and receive matching by True Father in 1988 with Japan sister who has motivation to serve God and True Parents and to love others with unconditionally. True Father said to her after she accepted the match that God and True Father will responsible for this matching forever and she will be always recognized by God. They have few children and have very happy family until now. This example really moved the heart of all blessing candidates to prepare the right internal attitude to join Blessing.