Germany: Visit of the Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren of True Parents

By FFWPU Germany: On Sunday, May 22, 2016 the FFWPU community had the beautiful opportunity to welcome the grandchildren and great- grandchildren of our True Parents.

Alexander Kang and his wife Shin-Hwa- Nim, daughter of Ye-Jin-Nim, came from Bridgeport, CT, USA, in order to visit their parents, Uk-Je and Agnes Kang. With them were also of course their children, Shin-Mi (4) and Sung- Jun (1 ½), who our members had not come to know yet.

At this occasion Alexander who had grown up in Munich gave the sermon. Before Shin-Hwa-Nim spoke the public prayer. She moved all participants with her naturalness in talking to the Heavenly Parent. She talked so natural and easy and conveyed to everybody the direct presence of the Heavenly Parent.

Alexander shared his testimony about the creating of his young family in America. He told us that he could establish a new relationship to God through his family. It was really the school of live and love. He would learn a lot through his wife and said that with a living trust in God you could overcome all difficulties and fears and become really free internally. God would have a certain plan for us, and we ourselves should take care not to stand in the way.

Also he reported that he would take care of the young adults in our Bridgeport community. There they have roundtables in order to confront and deal better with the challenges of modern times, the own internal complex of problems or loneliness.

We were all very happy to spend time with the grandchildren and great- grandchildren of our True Parents and hope already now that we may see them again very soon.