Romania: The Importance of Education

By CARP Romania: We organized our weekly HoonDokHae meeting in our Peace Center in Bucharest on May 27, 2016. This week discussion topic was: “The importance of education”. The focus of the activity was on finding value in education and finding better ways to study.

As HoonDok material we used passages from True Father’s autobiography that focused on the importance of education and how important is to find value in study.

To understand deeply the words of True Father and also in order to share our thoughts on the topic, we separated in four teams. After everybody shared his opinion with the other members of the team we gathered together for the conclusions. From each team a representative shared the conclusions of their discussions.

Everybody was inspired and the representatives of each team shared that “education is important in order to prepare for the future”, “education is a long term investment”, “education is the base of culture”, “through education we find ways to improve ourselves and society”. “without education we are vulnerable and we don’t have a clear path in our life”, “if you receive education you can develop your own ideas”.

An important point to emphasiz is the importance of finding value in your studies and to have a higher perspective. Also education should teach people to live for the sake of others and to offer solutions to the problems that we face in our society.

The guests were inspired by the event and gave a positive feedback. Thank you so much Heavenly Parents and True Parents.