Romania: Advanced Divine Principle Workshop


By CARP Romania: On May 28-29, 2016, we had a successful 2-Day Advanced Workshop for new CARP members who have joined this year. This time, we had 8 participants and also our Europe STF members joined us to supporting the lectures and activities.

The Advanced 2 Days Workshop represents the turning point for any of the newly joined CARP members who would like to come for our summer activities or simply get deeper insight and much clearer understanding of True Parents teachings, through Original DP style lectures presented by our national leader Mr. Jeong Bong Moon. The workshop focused on the Principle of Creation, Consequences on the Human Fall, the Principle of Restoration and Second Advent. Lectures where around 40 minutes long and afterwards we all made teems of 2 people and we discussed for 20 minutes (10 minutes each) about each lecture, trying to teach the other person from our team the understanding of the lecture that was just presented.

It was quite inspirational for many, especially the Second Advent lecture where we spoke clearly about True Parents with them. The message was very strong and clear and made everybody feel more responsible with their lives and with our movement. Even one person for the first time in 4 months he finally understood clearly what is our reality in this world and what we really mean by True Parents as Messiah and what is our mission and responsibility fallowing the Messiah. He started to feel struggling over this calling to take responsible action for humanity, and is currently at such a turning point to decide his life.

The atmosphere was good, like in a family, filled with love. We could create deeper relationships with our CARP members through the sharing, singing time or HoonDokHea in the morning. We tried to share more with them about the new culture that our True Parents has given to us through all these activities, but also through our attitude and investment in organizing this Workshop.

We feel grateful for all that had happened this weekend and with hope for the future we want to offer our hearts and sincerity for True Parents. Thank you so much, Heavenly Parents and True Parents!


Cinay (18): “The lectures are very really good and after you listen to them everything makes more sense. I really like this program and the workshops are really cool and intense in a good way. I want to improve a lot about myself, trying to fix my bad habits, become a better person, trying to help and love everyone around me. Forgive more! Give more!”

Amira (20): “These lessons about The Principle of Restoration, The Purpose of Messiah and Second Advent, God’s Ideal for Jesus, made me see and understand these topics in a different light. During the Advanced 2 Days Workshop it required seriously focus in order to grasp this new knowledge. I wish to change myself in trying to find with an open mind and heart my purpose. I want to introduce to my family these Principles and also to continue following this path. It has been an amazing Workshop!”

Stefania (20): “Every time I participate to a CARP Workshop I get more motivation to think about my life, to think about what I want to do in the future, I think about how my actions influence other people; I also find new motivation to improve myself to be more centered on God, to be more thankful to Him for what I have: a family, a home, food, and all the small things in my life. I also started to think about the family I will create in the future; I want to have a beautiful husband, beautiful children and good, principled life. I am glad that I participated in this Workshop because I feel that I needed a reminder of the path that I want to follow and that is that I should walk this path centered on God.”

Vlad (19): “After this Workshop I have too many questions…I found too many contradictions and these contradictions need answers. I believe many things, but what I heard in this Workshop makes me doubt all the religions, politics, economy, people and also the things that I heard here…”

George (22): “First of all I want to say that I am very grateful now after the Workshop finished because it was a great time for me to think again about my purpose of life. I think that I am very lucky to know so much things about God’s purpose and about restoration. I thought at the beginning that I already know these things, but now I’m very peaceful in my heart that I can have the chance to live a life that is special. I felt hope for my future and I can say that I am more clear. I liked this way of teaching the lecture, with teaching at the end, because I have more desire to understand in order to teach or to say what I learned from lecture to others. Also was good to see the others’ perspective about the Principle. For me now I have more determination and I’m confident about my future because God bless us and True Parents are here. So I surely want to have and live a special life.”

Cosmin (23): “From the Advanced 2 Days Workshop I learned that everything is surrounded by the love of God. I learned how to control myself and how to work in big group with beautiful people. The Workshop was very interesting and it was also very practical. It proved to be useful for me to see the love of God and the true about God and His creation. For the future, this 2 Days Workshop helped me to understand that I need to work harder and to be more serious. Thank you so much!”

Madalin (35): “For me this Workshop was exciting and very educational and a little bit challenging because I have been put into new situations. I truly enjoyed how the lectures were presented and how much heart and soul Mr. Jeong put into his lectures. I can say that it changed my perspective about life, inspiring me and giving me more hope for the future. I liked a lot what I discovered and I want to learn more, to grow and to help by offering forward what I have learned.”

Marwa (19): “Thank you for the experience! I had a great time learning about others and about the organization. I am very happy that I was invited to the organization and felt very welcomed. I feel very lucky to have met such amazing people. I’m glad that j was treated like a family member. I felt great.”