Pure Love Nepal

By Robert Kittel, Director of Education, UPF – Asia

True Parents said, “The most serious social problems are youth problems and family breakdown,” (Cheon Seong Gyeong, 307-176,19981108). In a recent Asian national leaders’ meeting Dr. Chung-sik Yong, the Regional President of Asia, echoed this passionate, parental heart saying, “If we cannot solve the problem of young people, then we cannot build Cheon Il Guk.” Then he asked our Asian leaders to put more emphasis on pure love education while he restructured that department in Asia.

With that focus Rev. Santosh Paudel, the national leader of Nepal, along with Nepalese leaders launched Pure Love Nepal. At our National Training Center (NTC) there are 86 new students currently enrolled in the 21-day DP education program—the largest number ever! Recently, Mr. Rupsingh Bhandari, the NTC Director and Nepal’s national CARP president, led them in the Pure Love Pledge (photo below).

nep-edu (1)

At one on the most prestigious colleges in central Kathmandu, Uniglobe Higher Secondary School, 257 students studying science were eager to take the Pure Love Pledge after a 1-hour presentation by Dr. Robert Kittel, Special Emissary and Education Director for UPF-Asia yesterday. Immediately after the event the Program Coordinator, Mr. Ganesh Bhatt, repeatedly asked us to come again saying, “This program is very important. It is something the students really need to hear. Please come again and teach the students who could not come today.” (See photo below.)

The education program called “Good Families / Prosperous Nation” was put together by a team of professional, experienced Nepalese educators and curriculum writers. It is a project of UPF-Nepal has the support of the Minister of Education, Gov’t. of Nepal.

nep-edu (2)

In Dang, far western Nepal, two colleges pleaded with us to change our travel plans and teach pure love education to their students. One was a government school, Padmodaya Higher Secondary School, and the other a prestigious private college, Victoria International College.

It seems we have gone over the summit. Instead of us going to schools to solicit teaching opportunities, educators are now coming to us requesting that we teach their students Pure Love.

nep-edu (4)

at Victoria International College

nep-edu (3)

at Padmodaya Higher Secondary School