Peace Road 2016 in Nigeria

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Date: June 7, 2016


  • Starting Point: Millennium Park, Abuja
  • End Point: National HQ, Peace Embassy, Wuse II, Abuja

Participating Organizations: FFWPU Nigeria, Peace Corp of Nigeria, UPF Nigeria, World CARP, Wheelers Cycling Association

Introductory Lecture on the Peace Road Project was given at Millennium Park by Rev. George M. Ogurie (below)

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Speakers at the finishing point:

  • Rev Katherine Rigney (Regional Emissary for West Africa)
  • Rev Shang Seon Park (Special Envoy to Nigeria)
  • Dr Raphael Oko (Secretary General, UPF, Nigeria)
  • Patriot A. Bashiya (Unit Commander, Peace Corp of Nigeria, Abuja)
  • Mr. Bok Jin Lee (Youth Special Envoy to Nigeria)
  • Mr. James Oko David (Wheelers Association representative)
  • Bishop Obene Monday Dagogo (Presiding Bishop, Brotherhood of the Cross and Star Church, Port Harcourt District) who was presented the Ambassador for Peace Certificate at the event and who pledged to sponsor a Divine Principle one day seminar for 40 participants, coming Saturday.

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Musical Entertainment was provident by the Abuja 2nd Gen Choir

Signing the Peace Road Banner: All participants (about 80)

The previous day – 6 June, the Peace Road Project was introduced at the National Assembly during the launching of the Nigerian Chapter of the Parliamentarians Association for Peace, hosted by the Chairman of the Senate Committee for Peace Security, Distinguished Senator Muhammad Shaaba Lafiaji. The speech below was read.

The Peace Road event was broadcast on Radio Nigeria Network Service which has a listenership of over 150 million.

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Launching of the Peace Road 2016 Project in Nigeria

(by Rev. George M. Ogurie President of FFWPU Nigeria )

In 1981, at the 10th International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences held in Seoul, Korea, our founder, Dr Sun Myung Moon first proposed the establishment of an International Highway system that would link all continents such that one could travel by road from London to New York and from Cape Town in South Africa to Santiago in Chile. In September 2005 at the launching of the Universal Peace Federation in New York City, he repeated the same call, emphasizing the construction of a tunnel/bridge across the Bering Strait to link Alaska and Russia.

This project is to put into effect and bring into substance our founders vision for world peace. On the premise that such a highway system would foster understanding, cooperation and peace among nations and regions, it would consist of a one mile stretch of neutral territory on either side of the proposed International Peace Highway. That perimeter would constitute a neutral territory or a free zone that would allow the administration of the highway to rely on international legal instruments rather than the laws or dictates of any particular nation.

The benefits of the International Peace Highway include:

  1. Strengthening international peace
  2. Fostering a shared vision of a one world community
  3. Addressing region-specific issues such as emigration
  4. Opening up of frontier territories.

Dr. Moon called on all the nations and religions of the world to work hand in hand to successfully complete this project which will bring humankind one step closer to the Peace Kingdom on earth where there is no more division and war and where the prosperity of all people is guaranteed. In a speech delivered on February 1, 1986, Father Moon (as we fondly referred to him) intimated that a direct relationship exists between the International Peace Highway and his lifelong efforts to overcome the invisible barriers that separate humankind. He said:

The final problem is opening the blocked spiritual gates of hell and heaven… The name of the International Peace Highway came from this. This is to break down the wall, which has been blocking us.

Thus for Father Moon, the world highway system represents not only humankind’s physical integration but it also furthers spiritual reconciliation and integration.

It is almost four years since Father Moon has ascended. This event is part of the celebration of the 4th anniversary of his passing. It is fitting to keep this vision alive and to call the attention of the world to need to implement the International Highway Peace project quickly. Therefore the Peace Road 2016 bike ride is taking place in a relay form in 127 countries between May 30 and August 30, 2016. The participating countries are countries that would be linked by the proposed international highway system.

Peace Road 2016 was formally launched on 15 February at Imjingak, Paju, Korea; a place known as the De-Militarized Zone (DMZ) at the border of North and South Korea. This was directly after the inauguration of the International Parliamentarian Association for World Peace held at the Korean National Assembly in Seoul on the same day.

We use this opportunity to announce that tomorrow is Nigeria’s turn to ride and we have chosen for this event the theme: “Nigeria Stands in Peace.” 10 am tomorrow, we will ride from Millennium Park to our head office, off Aminu Kano Crescent in Wuse II. Everyone assembled here is cordially invited to join us at the Millennium Park.

This event is an opportunity to celebrate the Peace we are enjoying, despite the many challenges we are facing as a nation. We celebrate the fact that we still stand together in peace as one people, despite threats of division from various quarters. We use this opportunity to call on every one of us to work together wholeheartedly to build a great nation. We the various organizations involved in this project will continue to do our best to assist in breaking down the barriers that divide us such as religion, ethnicity etc., through education, public enlightenment and other diverse programs.

As we remain steadfast, standing in peace and unity, heaven is our limit. We are a hope to the world. “If Nigeria moves, Africa will move…” said Father Moon in 2005. And if Africa moves the world will move in peace.