Paraguay: Mother’s Day and Family Month

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By WFWP Paraguay: ON May 31, 2016 we have celebrated Mother’s Day in Paraguay and the family month. Mrs. Tanya Acosta was MC.

Dr. GLORIA BARRIOS, Peace Ambassador, gave a speech about “Violence within the family and the role of a Peace Ambassador”. She gave a very clear explanation about what to do if there is violence in the family and how we should be mediators in such families.

Mrs. Roswitha Dueck de Giuliano gave an introduction of WFWP and a brief explanation about “Family as the school of Love”. Prof. Perla Jara recited a very deep and sentimental poem about a Mother.

After the lecture everyone joyfyully joined karaoke Paraguayan Polka songs. Singing together as a good method to break the ice among people, brought joy to all the participants.

Larissa, Nari and Annette performed three beautiful dance (modern, classic and Paraguayan). And later CARP Paraguay Band sang two beautiful songs. After this we had a raffle of several prices.

The event ended the event with refreshment and sharing.

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