Paraguay: Debate on Drug Policy and Human Rights

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By WFWP Paraguay

On June 24, 2016, WFWP PARAGUAY President Roswitha Giuliano and Vice President Tania Acosta participated as co-organizers in the First National Debate on Drug Policy and Rights, which was held at  the BicameraL Senate Hall of  the national congress.

Peace Ambassador Facundo Villagra, founder of ASIPA (Association for the Investigation and Prevention of Addictions) organized this event with the support of WFWP as well as the PARAGUAYAN ASSOCIATION OF TONG IL MOO DO.

Around 100 politicians, professionals, NGO leaders, military as well as 100 students from different schools participated in the debate.

Mrs. Roswitha Giuliano, WFWP Paraguay president, encouraged the participant to keep looking for Governmental support but meanwhile help those with problems seeing them as if they were our own parents, brothers and sisters and children.

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