Nepal: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing Tour

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BY FFWPU Nepal: On May 30, 2016, we organized a marriage rededication and blessing program in Dang Nepal, which is the last state of our 7 state Heavenly Tribal Merssiah’s tour.

In this event 700 couples happily renewed their marriage. It was beyond our expectations, because originaly we planned for 500 couples but 700 couples came. That is why many couples have to stand up. Even the Chief guest stayed for the whole program and testified to True Parent’s good works.

Everyone attentively responded to the lecture presentation creating beautiful and happy families, and stayed from the beginning to end of the program. All the husbands and wives were so happy, specially during the indemnity “love stick ceremony.” They were excited and love it while their husband or wife shows affection publicly which is very rare to Nepalese culture. They felt very special, just like celebrating their wedding anniversary with a huge crowd of happy families without any barriers.

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