Malaysia: Health Screening & Talk

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By WFWP Malaysia

Together with the National Kidney Foundation Malaysia, we orgonized a health screening and talk on “Early Detection & Prevention Saves Lives” on June 25 at the Peace Embassy. This event was held to bring greater awareness of diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney failure.

The main objective of the health talk and screening was to create a better informed public as well as to the communities.

The event was sponsored by Datin Shobana of WFWP and the medical consumables was sponsored by ACON. About 70 people participated, with 60 people registered for the health screening. There were some new participants. This is the second year that we (WFWP) are holding a talk pertaining to health, as WFWP believes in the slogan “Health is Wealth”.

Participants were encouraged to lead a healthy lifestyle. We heard good comments from participants who felt that the event was beneficial to all communities. The event was successfully carried out.

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