Malaysia: Heart-oriented Leadership Workshop

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By CARP Malaysia: We had a 3-day Divine Principle workshop for Heart-orirented Leadership in Malasia, on June 1-3, 2016 with 30 participants in Johor Bahru center. Participants age from 15 to 18, all came from different high schools and tuition centre.

With the lectures, we shared about how to keep purity, eternal law (Spiritual world) and discovering my true self … etc. We also had many activities to discover the potential leadership people, such as drama performance, food raising, Kingdom blue print drawing etc. Through the lectures, participants realized they need to change their lifestyle and mindset in order to fulfil the purpose of life. They also went out to practice the act of living sake for others through food raising. It is very touching to see these young people working hard and sweating to bring happiness for others. They really invested themselves for others with passion and pure mind.

These participants were able to knowing what to prepare for the future through the workshop. They have to change their mind set about themselves and vision about the future. Together they draw the picture about the ideal future world and later presented their art work. Through these young people we really can see hope for future.

In the conclusion, all of them shared their overall reflection. They were very grateful for been able to participate in this workshop and learn many internal values. We end up with the cheering heart and group photo.

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