Italy: Praying Works!


Testimony of a wonderful Workshop in Rome


By FFWPU Italy, Colle Mattia, Rome, Italy, May 28, 2016

“We are all well aware of the crucial time in which we are living, full of internal and external challenges. In preparing for the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine Ceremony, we are fulfilling certain given conditions, but the best condition of all,

I believe, is witnessing. It is a liberating experience that connects us with the highest realm of the spiritual world, the one that can make all our dreams possible.

With my wife, Betty, as tribal messiahs, we are having once a month an evening for our guests. Two hours of education, discussion and sharing on inner peace, followed by a dinner to strengthen personal relationships. A good group of people is attending our evenings, consisting of around twenty people, with some new guests coming every time. Since we started few months ago, we had desire to give them a deeper education based on Principle, so we organized a one day WS, last Saturday May 28th. We communicated it to our congregation in Rome as well and with great hope we started to prepare lectures and all details, including a very good lunch, the environment in the church property of Colle Mattia and so on.

On Friday, just one day before the WS, in the morning, we had just three people willing to attend. I was very disappointed by this response and I felt abandoned by the spiritual world. Why you don’t support? What are you doing up there? I was shouting to them. With my wife we decided to pray more with special effort. I was discouraged at one point, but by praying and praying, my heart started to change and a strong hope came into my heart. With the help of Carmine, the brother responsible for the property, we prepared much food, as many more people than just three, were going to come and prepared several more chairs in the lecture room. Anyway, soon after, telephone calls started to arrive from people deciding to come at the last moment. Finally, surprisingly, fourteen new guests came. We couldn’t believe our eyes! From our evening group six people, three more from street witnessing, including two Christian pastors, and five more people from two other tribal messiahs of Rome.

It was like the sun after the storm! The atmosphere was so high and the WS really good. My wife gave a lecture on duality, give and take, three Blessings and four realms of heart, while I gave three more lectures on God’s Heart, the original value of man and his life of relationships, and history, especially speaking about the Cheon Il Guk age.

Especially one of the pastors was really uplifted. He is making an effort to reform his own church but is fighting with his bishop and some fundamentalists in his church. At the end he said: “Now I know the way I should go! Besides, I have material for the next sermons in my church. Thank you very much!”. Another guest, one of those attending our evenings, up to this time was really very sceptical about spiritual topics.

This time he was completely overwhelmed, especially by the lecture on God’s Heart. He literally melted down.

Many times people are so close in their hearts, mainly because they never experience the vertical love that can really renew our life. Once they can receive it, even during a lecture, their heart change and they see life with a completely new perspective.

Next step will be to bring all these people to the Blessing and we concluded announcing them that we will organize another WS to prepare them properly for it.

In conclusion, we should never give up, either internally and externally. The highest spiritual world can mobilize only when we gave all we could. I feel much hope for my country, because such experiences are bit by bit, happening to the tribal messiahs in other cities as well. As national leader, I feel strong desire and energy to support all of them. This, I believe, is the way we should go and prepare for the amazing Grace of the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine Ceremony, that will allow us to go out, once and forever, from the old history of dark clouds and hopelessness. We will so enter together, as one people, in the new age of Love and Unity. Thanks a lot to Heavenly Parent and True Parents of Heaven Earth and Humankind!”