By Julian Gray

On this page we will post the words of the members who have participated in the building of our movement in more formative years, with an emphasis on those who with great faith in the earliest years, worked side by side with True Parents to establish our church in countries around the world.

In a real sense, we are all the early disciples of God and True Parents’ from the time True Parents lived on earth. We are helping, even just a little, to launch a movement that will transform human consciousness and gradually change the course of history.

We still live in and experience the formative years of a new religious movement that seeks to make the love of God real to all the people of the world, and to enable them to fulfill their potential in love, in families and in communities.

We hope testimonies posted here will encourage all of us to live with a sense of common cause, regaining, maintaining and inheriting the spirit of the early days and the feeling that True Parents have given us the tools with which to have an impact on this world.