Indonesia: 7-Day Workshop on Peace and Unification

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By UPF Indonesia and Asia Leadership Training

We had international leadership training from June 6-12, 2016. This was a 7-day Workshop on Peace and Unification focused on educating young people of Indonesia on True Parents’ teaching of the Divine Principle. It was also to prepare young people to be the future leaders of Indonesia and the world, and to take part in the peace movement of God’s Providence. This program was conducted during the time when 10 members of Asia Leadership Training (ALT) came to Jakarta, Indonesia, to support the Indonesia Providence, particularly in the area of witnessing.

The participants of this workshop came from Manado, Medan, and Jakarta. The ALT members coming from different countries of Asia in fact had a great impact on the young people of Indonesia through their testimonies and inspirations. As the result of this workshop, some of them are inspired to continue on to attend further workshops and training such as 21-day training and even ALT or a Top Gun Workshop.

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  • Siska: “This is very good workshop. I have a good impression about this workshop where finally I learned that Father Moon has come as the Second Coming of the Messiah but unfortunately I did get the chance to meet. I hope many more people will join this kind of workshop.”
  • Chintany: “Wonderful! It’s so nice because I can learn to develop my insight and knowledge, and that I can become a better person.”
  • Samuel: “Now I believe that Messiah already came into this world to create one unified world and transform it into the Kingdom of God on earth.”

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