Grand-parents: Essential Factors of Family Harmony

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By FFWPU France: Being the last of the 2015-2016 season’s meeting of our local outreach association, on May 20, 2016, we discussed a very warm and stimulating way the position and impact of grandparents in the family. Most of the participants were grandparents themselves and could therefore share many of their experiences in this most rewarding realm of heart.

Laurent Ladouce, the newly elected General Secretary of “Familles et valeurs – Orsay-Les Ulis” (FAVORLU) presented for the main thoughts and monitored the discussion skillfully.

Three non-Unificationist guests, all of them involved in their local communities of the towns of Orsay and Ulis were especially inspired and stimulated.

A common agreement was reached on the following points of what and what not to do as grandparents, especially in the field of concepts of education.

Grandparents should be present but not intrusive supporters of their grandchildren’s education.

Grandparents’ heart grows while serving their descendants with benevolence and rejoices in seeing their children and grandchildren becoming better persons than they are themselves.

The older generation represents a great pool of life experience and wisdom.

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