Germany: Weekend Seminar

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By FFWPU Germany, Claus Dubisz: On May 27-29, 2016, this exceptionally dynamic weekend workshop held under changeable weather conditions with a dozen participants, mostly from Catholic backgrounds, was marked by intensive discussions about questions of faith.

At the very beginning, Heidi Wakayama asked each one the question: What is your expectation from this weekend? [and the responds were] “… to experience something new” “…to become a little bit more perfect”, “…to strengthen my relationship with God”, “…to understand the Principle from a new perspective”, “…I am looking for the true faith”.

Herbert Beyer and Claus Dubisz shared the task of giving the presentations; this time we wanted especially to stress the aspect of “family” including Father’s statement that ideal, loving families are established beyond religion. In other words, there were central themes to our presentations: Heavenly Parents > partner on earth > the three Blessings > destruction of the first family > the search for the new Adam (foundation of faith, foundation of substance) > the new Adam (Jesus) > the search for the new Eve > the Marriage of the Lamb > new lineage > marriage Blessing > the new era of Blessed families.

This concept openly and directly connects biblical and Christian history with the life and work of True Parents, and ends with an invitation to the next Blessing on October 3rd in Neumühle, and to join the Family Federation.

What did the participants get out of this? A young participant (2nd gen.) was fascinated by the parallels of history. She had never heard any mention of this in workshops for young people. And more than this, she was better able to understand the value of the Principle through the questions posed from a Christian perspective.

A guest from Stuttgart reflected: “Sunday was very fascinating with the search for God’s Providence to restore the original ideal of creation, the three Blessings. How the same constellations were necessary for this but failed again and again; how the problem with families expanded from national to world restoration was breathtaking and went from the history of Israel to the whole world. And the last presentation about the “New era of Blessed Families” impressively delivered and offers, especially in this time, an essential example.”

Of course, there was also a walk in the nature around Neumühle, and a family evening with songs and poetry. The atmosphere was so good, that we were even able to sing a canon in harmony, without conductor or practice!

Many thanks to the Neumühle staff in the house, grounds and kitchen for the “wonderful atmosphere of well-being” (quote from a guest). And as a long-standing member of our movement put it: such a workshop is “also and perhaps even especially to be recommended for all the‚ old-timers!”