Framing a Strategy for Peace during the Cold War


kbk-s (3)By Mr. Osami Kuboki

The International Federation for Victory over Communism (IFVOC) was founded in early 1968, first in Korea and then in Japan. In the following years, members in Korea and Japan invested much to counter the very real communist threat in their respective countries. In September 1970, the World Anti-communist League (WACL) held its 4th global conference in Tokyo. Mr. Osami Kuboki, then president of our church and of IFVOC in Japan, gave a keynote speech, a large portion of which is reproduced below.


History should have begun in peace; the goal of history should be the pursuit of peace. The ideal of peace was given by God, yet it has been trampled in the dust by humankind throughout history. Even now, Korea, Vietnam and China are torn between north and south, and Germany between east and west. This earth has been bathed in human blood and is covered with the tangled national grudges. This same earth has been the center of God’s anxiety throughout the long years of history….

We now need a confrontation without compromises. Absolute peace is not found in coexistence or in endless negotiations. Peace can only be achieved by challenging and defeating the threats to it.

Therefore, we hereby propose the idea and strategy for peace:

Peace is not simply the abolishment of armaments. World peace cannot be achieved apart from the inner peace of man. To achieve inner peace, man’s instinct must be conquered by his conscience, which again must transcend self-interest.

We have entered the age of common destiny among nations. Nations are either to be saved or destroyed collectively.

True love of country does not lie in haughty isolationism based on a blind security, but in choosing the undying honor of sacrifice and service, in bearing the cross of other countries who wander the borderline of death.

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Tokyo VOC street rally 1969


The communist regime most fears these who march on bravely through the valley of death with sacrificial lives. Indeed, love, courage, and forgiveness are the mightiest weapons given to us.

Therefore, we should not ask what other nations can give to us, but instead let us pursue what we can give to all humankind, crying out in poverty and starvation.

What is the enemy that hinders true pace? It is ignorance. That ignorance is nationalism for the sake of nationalism, which blocks the way to peace by creating national barriers, racial prejudice, and holding historical grudges. We need, today more than at any other time, the wisdom that all people are brothers and sisters under God. Ignorance robs humankind of freedom. Before we can achieve external freedom and liberty we must first be free from the internal bondage of ignorance and lay the foundation of absolute peace in liberty by knowing the truth of God….

We of WACL are those who believe that humankind are fellow citizens beyond the barriers of nations and states, yet who respect the national characteristics of every nation; who treat the ideology of communism with absolute intolerance but without hatred for its people; who embrace the weak and needy, but not out of a “superiority complex”; who have compassion for those who suffer but are also willing to serve them in order to deliver them out of their poverty and pain, shedding more tears for humankind than even those who are suffering have shed.

Now the flag of the battle to achieve peace is passing on to the youth, who hold the future. Therefore, peace must be established by the love, intelligence and energy of youth. This spirit will fulfill the words. “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.”

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WACL Convention