Ceremony to Bequeath the Cheon Il Guk Holy Items in Europe

By FFWPU France, David Perry

Rev. Corley, regional president of FFWPU Europe, decided to use the chance and organize the Bequeathing Ceremony of Cheon Il Guk Holy Items with the 12 European regional leaders at the Dedication Ceremony for the Paris education center, which was held on June 18, 2016. All of the participants of the first ceremony were invited to remain and were grateful to have a better understanding of the Holy Items that our True Mother has offered us.

Mrs. Carolyn Handschin, the MC for the Ceremony, spoke of the importance of having a grateful heart in receiving these Holy Items. We sometimes lose faith in ourselves, feeling we cannot change. It is up to each one of us to make a personal determination to use these Holy Items as stepping stones that can help us move forward. But the Holy Items alone will not magically change us. Only our personal motivation and effort can do that.

She then guided us in singing the Cheon Il Guk anthem and Mr. Moulinet then offered an opening prayer. After, we watched the video “Let’s Go Together, Let’s Live Together” from Foundation Day this year, to remind us of everything that our True Mother has done in the past three years to move the providence forward.

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Mr. Corley then gave an explanation about the Holy Items and through his explanation we could understand how much True Mother wants to help us move forward. She truly wants to see all of us enter into Cheon Il Guk.

Following his talk, we watched the video of True Mother’s prayer over the Holy Items and we could see and feel how much she wants to help us liberate ourselves to take our position as God’s sons and daughters.

The European regional leaders were then called to the front of the room and each was presented with a box containing the Holy Items. They can now multiply these items and bequeath them to the nations in their regions.

Through these two ceremonies we sincerely felt gratitude and hope; gratitude for the new center which we want to develop into a beacon of hope for Paris as well as gratitude and hope for the grace of the Cheon Il Guk Holy Items through which True Parents are once again allowing us to make a new beginning.

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