CARP Campaign: Good Deeds Workshop

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By CARP Romania: The event on May 21-22, 2016 was a chance to participate in NGO’s Festival and share with the others about our projects and activities. We really wanted to share about True Parents’ teachings and ideal at a different level.

We just finished the second week of our 40-Day condition and we really tried to have a very serious heart and fully invest everything, and dedicate everything to witness to the others. Our life is JeonDo and JeonDo is our life, so we want to use every opportunity in this sense.

CARP Romania is quite new in the NGO field here in Romania, as we are just one year old since we registered as an organization last year. So we are deeply grateful that we could be in this festival, for two days, with over 120 other associations that are working for educating young people, protecting the families and children, working for the human rights and many others. NGO Fest is an annual festival that wants to promote the Non-governmental organizations, help them to create a better image in the society and encourage the informal education through workshops and volunteer activities. The festival was organized in the biggest park in Bucharest, Herastrau, so the atmosphere was really nice, very open and friendly. We were happy to meet so many associations that have this purpose to work for a greater good and help the others, so we made friends with them and in the future we can also create partnerships and support other social activities.

Five from our CARP members and few new guests also joined our blessed families that participated in this campaign, wanting to learn how to live for the others practice true love. We went around the park and we offered candies with a good message from True Father’s words to inspire the people, pens with our NGO name; we also made questionnaires, asking to the young people different questions about life, to make them think more seriously on how they can improve themselves.

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We could get some contacts and make few appointments for the next week with the people that were more interested. We also participated on the stage with a short artistic moment; our STF brothers and sisters sang the song “Sing”, which is about peace and how music can create unity and bring people together, because music is a universal language. It was very beautiful and touching moment for all of us.

Also, to make our event more international and intercultural, we brought kimonos, Japanese traditional clothes, so the people could also try them on. On Sunday, from 17 o’clock we organized Open HoonDokHea; we prepared a text from True Father’s speeches about the topic Happiness is a life lived for the sake of the others. We had five new guests that enjoyed the atmosphere and liked our discussions. They will come to visit also our CARP center and participate to other activities. We hope to see them soon!

Was a beautiful weekend and although we couldn’t meet just young people, there were people from all the ages, but was a good experience for us and we could learn many things about NGO’s and got new ideas on how to promote ourselves. Thank you so much Heavenly Parents and True Parents.