Cameroon: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Workshop


by FFWPU Cameroon, Unhee Vuvu: The 10th of June marked the beginning of the workshop on Heavenly Tribal Messiah in Yaoundé that ended on the 12th of June 2016. Each day divided in two sessions.


First Day

We began at 10:30 on the first day. After the preparation the coordinator of the workshop Un Hee Asong Secretary General of FFWPU Cameroon gave the opening remarks. Welcoming all the participants, she emphasized on the importance of the workshop and asked everyone to open their hearts and spirits so that God can talk to each of them. She read a passage from the Cheong Seong Gyeong on Tribal Messiah (Page 930) and invited Rev Edwin Plekhanov, president of FFWPU Cameroon on stage to begin with the core lecture of the workshop, the teaching on heavenly tribal messiah.

Rev. Plekhanov explained much on the providential significance of heavenly tribal messiah and its purpose. From this, participants could understand that, we should become victorious Tribal Messiahs who serve our Heavenly Parent. He also clearly explained that heavenly tribal messiah is obligatory and unavoidable and that it will never end.


Second Day

On the second day Rev. Plekhanov explained about the process of the blessing and the standard of the tribal messiah. He said “Our True Mother wants embrace the whole humanity, so we are going to open the way for all people to get out of Satanic world. He said the street leading from the main road to the Cité Verte high school will be baptized the “Peace Street”.

Rev. Edwin Plekhanov in his talk on character education spoke on finding new methods on resolving problems with others. He gave an example: in this method the person accusing, says the wrong(s) he/she did to the other person and the good the other person did to him/her. If we can do this, then the conflicts can easily be resolved because both parties admit they did something wrong to each other.

A couple were called on stage to illustrate this method which continued by forming three groups were formed. This was done so that each participant looks for an idea on how they can apply what they are receiving from the workshop. In other words, in what way can they be more effective in their heavenly tribal messiah activities? After the exercise each representative of the respective groups presented what they proposed in their groups.


Third Day

The program of this day began after the Sunday service. Rev. Edwin Plekhanov talked more on how to concretely attain our objectives as Tribal Messiahs in Cameroon. In other words, he talked about the practical methods to carry on the mission to gain the 430 couples. The ongoing activities in Nepal were an example to illustrate idea because of the success our brothers and sisters have in this nation. All the participants were inspired by and one could feel the joyful atmosphere.

At the end, participants were saying “We are the indomitable Lions of heavenly tribal messiah and impossible is not Cameroonian.” This clearly showed the determination of Yaoundé members to move on and be victorious in their mission as heavenly tribal messiah.