Brazil: Seminar for the Blessed Widowed

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By FFWPU Brazil: On May 28, 2016, the Blessed Family Department of FFWPU Brazil organized the 1-day Blessed Widowed workshop at the FFWPU Headquarters, in São Paulo, Brazil and 17 people participated.

The program started with the Welcoming Remarks and Words of Inspiration by the National Leader, Pres. Koichi Sasaki. The first lecture on “The Words of the True Father about the Eternity of the Blessing” was given by the BFD Director, Maria Dolor Barbosa das Graças but before giving the words of the True Father, the Pledge of the Holy Matrimony was recited by everyone to be reminded what we had pledged before God and the True Parents on the day when we received the blessing. This was a very moving moment to be reminded of how important it is to be true to what we pledged before heaven.

Then the words of the True Father was shared about the Value of the Blessing, of how important the True Parents are and how They have sacrificed and indemnified a lot with sweat, tears and blood to give us the blessing, that´s why the blessing is so precious. In this lecture, almost everyone was in tears, deeply thanking God and the True Parents for everything!

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Maria Dolor shared the words of the True Father about the Comfort Blessing, that officially the direction from the BFD International HQ was given that there´s no more Comfort Blessing at this time. The words of the True Father emphasized why there´s no need of Comfort Blessing. All participants deeply understood the reason why.

After the short break, the Vice-President of the FFWPU Brazil, Pr. Valcir Zancan gave the lectures on: “How to Live on Earth with the Spouse in the Spirit World”, this was from the BFD Japan. The lecture gave a very good guidance to all participants on how to continue to live with their spouses even though they are already in the spirit world, practical guidance was given, so the participants were so grateful about this.

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After lunch, there was group discussions, the participants were divided into two groups and each one could express themselves, their experiences, their reflections and truly very deep and moving testimonies from the heart, expressing their deep love to God and the True Parents and to their spouses in the spirit world. The participants´ deep faith and loyalty is very moving and giving great lessons for us whose spouses are still on earth, to do our best to love deeply and give our utmost self to our spouses so that a deep love of unity in heart can be attained while we are still alive on earth centered on the great examples of the True Parents, True Mother loving True Father so much! The participants are truly victors, surviving until now with unwavering faith and love towards God and the True Parents and remain loyal to their spouses in the spirit world, what a great example they are!

The special dinner with a very pleasant, beautifully decorated atmosphere at the 5th floor and the very delicious dinner with oriental foods truly surprised all participants, their immense gratitude to what they had received on that day was expressed during the testimonies each one had given at that night, declaring also in public their eternal love and faithfulness to their spouses in the spirit world.

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To the Blessed Family Department, just a deep gratitude to God and the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind for the inspirations, time and opportunity of having that event where each and every one could feel Their very presence at that day, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Beloved, God and the True Parents, we love You, truly from the very bottom of our Hearts, we live for you now and always!

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