Brazil: Inaugration of a New Headquarters in Pouso Alegre-MG

By FFWPU Brazil: All members of Pouso Alegre were involved in the construction of this local HQ, with donations, requests for donations in commercial business or working directly in the construction of the headquarters building. Few days before the inauguration, several families devoted themselves for the preparation and decoration of the main hall.

On Sunday, May 29, 2016, members and guests began to arrive early, some people came from other states and cities, some even the day before.

At 9 am, members and guests gathered in front of the headquarters´ building to sing holy songs in preparation for the inauguration. Then, the National President of FFWPU, Koichi Sasaki, made the opening prayer and then the inaugural ribbon it was cut.

In the program, it was the opening words of the Director of FFWPU of Pouso Alegre, Pr. Rigoberto Fonseca da Silveira, a dance performance with members of WFWP. It was presented a slideshow with a history of the providence in the city and a tribute to three leaders who were previously responsible for the FFWPU.

Then, we had the special sermon by President Koichi, following it was the delivery of flowers and cake cutting.

At the end, we had two more performances, a song and a dance, and 3 cheer of Og Mansey!

More than 200 people attended the opening, and 70 people were guests coming through the Oikos.It was a beautiful and joyous celebration, after the celebration it was served a delicious lunch. We highlight the presence of the Councilman Flávio Alexandre and the Director of the Commercial Association Alexandre Magno.

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