Argentina: How to Heal Genealogical Tree


Bio-Decodification : How to heal genealogical tree

Scientific analysis on the importance of the ancestral heritage


By WFWP Argentina

On June 10, 2016, at the Buenos Aires Embassy, the Argentine WFWP chapter organized the first exposition- workshop on Bio-Decodification , an expression that means a scientific approach to the reality of the incredible physical and psychological influence of the ancestors on our daily life.  Psychologist Ivette del Rio, who held the workshop emphasized the possibility of healing our body from many painful situations through understanding the genealogical heritage, acknowledge it and undergo a process of forgiveness and release of anguish.

Knowing the incredible spiritual work carried out in Cheongpyeong, to release, forgive and bless our ancestors in spirit world, the scientific support to the understanding of this reality is very important and helps people to recognize the spiritual influence of past generations on our present life.

The twenty participants were very interested on the topic and asked to repeat and deepen the experience in the near future.