ACLC Sheds Light on God’s Blueprint for Marriage

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By ACLC, Kay Yamaguchi: On Saturday, May 28, 2016, members of American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) joined with the Unity Baptist Church of Las Vegas to organize a Bible study on the Human Fall. Rev. Raymond Giddens, Sr., pastor of Unity Baptist Church, and his wife, First Lady Linda Giddens, welcomed Rev. Dan Stein of ACLC Biblical Family Life Education to lead the study group.

On November 29, 2015, Rev. and First Lady Giddens had held a Marriage Blessing for fifty couples of their congregation. On April 19, 2016, the deacons and men leaders of their church studied the Human Fall with Rev. Stein. This time it was the turn of the women of Unity Baptist Church women to study with Rev. Stein.

In addition, three prominent first ladies from other local churches were in attendance. The audience included a well-respected judge in the community, the daughter of a longtime ACLC pastor who has ascended.

Rev. Giddens introduced the group of 30 women to ACLC, reminding them that the Unity Baptist Church was founded on the Word of God, and that he hoped the group would be edified during the session. In his introduction, Rev. Stein proclaimed strongly the mission of True Parents, the nature of the persecution that True Father received from Christians, the crisis of the Christian Church in the United States today, and the importance of listening carefully to find out what God has wanted to share with Christianity for the last 40 years.

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Rev. Stein taught the Human Fall carefully, systematically, and emphatically. There were no protests or negative reactions from the group. Instead, once Rev. Stein finished, questions came immediately, such as: “You have told us the issue. Can you tell us the solution?” The answer came from Rev. Giddens: “God-centered marriage is the solution.” And he testified to his experience of the Marriage Blessing.

Another question was, “Shouldn’t we bring the fathers, mothers and youth together to hear this?” Rev. Stein responded “Yes, we can examine certain biblical families and see God’s formula of restoration to bring healing and unity in the family, and in this way understand how we can heal our families today.”

One woman asked, “Can I have your PowerPoint slides, please? I want to study them again.” Rev. Stein’s answer surprised some. He said, “No. But I would be happy to meet with you again to study them together. Perhaps you know others who would benefit from hearing the presentation.”

The majority of participants said they wanted to return to hear more of the Divine Principle. They would like to hear more about the restoration of the family and understand the core dysfunctions that erode family relationships. By examining certain biblical families, the Divine Principle reveals God’s blueprint to resolve and eradicate selfish emotions and behaviors like rage, jealousy, resentment, betrayal, shame, manipulation and murder.

Rev. Giddens invited the group back in June for another Bible study on Divine Principle, and welcomed fathers, mothers, and teenagers to study together.

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