Wives of Tongil Group Leaders Visit USA

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by FFWPU USA: Forty-one wives of executives and staff members of Tongil Group, a business group and affiliate of FFWPU Korea, visited the USA from May 16-21 to learn about True Parents’ foundation and legacy in America.

More than half of the group are not Unificationists, connected to the movement because their husbands have been working at companies under FFWPU Korea, Tongil Foundation extended them the invitation for an opportunity to walk True Parents’ footsteps in America and learn more about their teachings. This idea sprouted from discussions among Tongil Group leaders about how to creatively practice Tribal Messiahship and outreach.

The group arrived in New York on May 16, and stayed one night at New Yorker Hotel. When they arrived at the hotel, some who had been there about ten years prior were pleasantly surprised by the beautifully renovated facilities and the many visitors filling the lobby.

The next morning, they gathered in the Crystal Room and shared a delicious breakfast provided by the New Yorker Hotel staff, while listening to a presentation about True Parents’ activities and legacy in the United States, as told by Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Continental Chairman of FFWPU North America.

Several of the participants stated that they were inspired by how much True Parents invested here in America for the sake of saving the world. Dr. Michael Balcomb, President of FFWPU USA, Dr. Ann Peterson, President of Hotel New Yorker, and Mr. Markus Karr, President of the Manhattan Center, also greeted everyone by giving a welcoming remarks.

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After the presentation, they divided into two groups and went on a tour of the hotel and the Manhattan Center.

After the tour, they took a bus down to Washington, D.C., where they visited the Washington Times and were welcomed by Dr. Michael Jenkins, Mr. Tom McDevitt, Rev. George Stallings, and several others, who guided them on a tour of the building.

The next day, they made their way back up to New York and visited East Garden, where they shared a Korean lunch prepared and served by East Garden staff. Before the lunch, Dr. Kim welcomed them and offered a prayer.

After lunch, Mike McDevitt greeted them on behalf of East Garden staff and briefly shared the history of East Garden. Dr. Thomas Walsh gave a presentation about True Parents’ United Nations renewal activities.

After the presentation, the group went on an East Garden tour and visited Belvedere. They expressed awe at the beautiful buildings of East Garden and the Belvedere Main House. One participant said that she felt True Parents’ spirit and appreciated the invitation to see these historical places where True Parents have lived and invested great effort for the sake of America and the world.

The group has yet to visit Niagara Falls and other key locations before flying back to Korea on May 21. The National Ministry Team wishes them safe travels, and is excited to extend an invitation to you, too, to visit the historic Belvedere on June 5th at the God Bless America Family Festival. You can register here!

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